Calendars are useful to help you keep track of important events and upcoming appointments. However, a calendar can only be used for one year before it must be replaced with a new one. That does not mean that the old calendars need to be discarded entirely as they can be recycled to create new design projects. Read on to find out about recycling old calendars for art below.

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Simple Art Projects that You Can Create with Old Calendars

With the hectic daily routines that people juggle today, calendars have become an essential tool to keep us organised and on track of what we have planned. As most calendars are designed to tell a year’s worth of dates, they only have a limited use so you need to constantly get new calendars for the upcoming year. Most of us will not think twice and just discard these old calendars. However, rather than disposing them here are some creative ideas to recycle calendars into beautiful art pieces and other fun projects:

Wall Art Gallery

Most calendars have beautifully-designed covers and images that can be recycled to be made into art. A calendar will usually have images that share similar themes as the cover, which can easily be made into a gallery wall. Not only are they easy to create, but the end-result adds grandiose to the interior space. All you need to do is to trim the images to fit into picture frames of the same size and then hang them on a wall in your home or office and voilà, you own your very own art gallery! For this idea to work best, you should make sure that the trimmed images and frames are the same size and hung symmetrically, hence creating a symmetry for added elegance.

DIY Note Cards and Greeting Cards

With old calendars, you can turn plain note cards into something extraordinary. Simply cut the calendar design to 1/4-inch smaller than the front of the note card and then use adhesives – double-sided tape or glue – to stick the design to the card. Adding the images to the note cards adds a touch of colour to otherwise plain note cards. If the calendar somehow has a theme that matches a certain festival such as Christmas, then you can create DIY greeting cards!

Fun Gift Bows

Another way that you can recycle your old calendars is by turning them into gift bows. Calendars are typically made of thicker paper material like cardstock and are vibrant in colour, which makes them ideal to be made into colourful gift bows. Simply find a printable bow template online to give you a guide on how to cut the calendar image and you can easily create this project.

Gift Tags

Another simple art project that you can create with old calendars are gift tags. The colourful calendar designs make them ideal materials to be made into gift tags. You can use a standard gift tag as a template to create your own gift tags using different parts of the calendar. You can even use the months and days part of the calendar to create a unique and whimsical feel.

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