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Lovely art paper products can offer a lot of things in both aesthetic and practical reasons. They are amazing in every situation. Most importantly, they also allow your creativity to soar confidently. Read more about art paper products Malaysia below to find out.

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52 Pack Slime Making Kit Colorful Foam Ball Granules Flat Beads Candy Paper
RM 14.30 RM 31.90

Product Information(approx.): Name of Product: 52 packs Slime Supplies Kit Slime Supply Kit: Total 52 packs: 12 colors 5g sugar paper, 6 colors 2g foam balls, 6 gold powder tubes, 9 colors 14g fish tank beads, 3 kinds 3g fruit/flower/cake slice packs, 12 plastic bowls Packing: OPP bag Weight: about 200g Ability development: intellectual development, practice and thinking, parent-child communication, interest, emotion, grasp, visual training, hand-eye coordination, interactive toys Applicable age: juvenile (7-14 years old), children (3-6 years old) Method and use: Slime Making: Add variety glitter in your slime to make it different and unique. Mix it, mold it, and squish it! Add texture to your homemade slime with this slime kit. Create your own slime creation! DIY Slime Party: Slime Making: Add variety glitter in your slime to make it different and unique. Mix it, mold it, and squish it! Add texture to your homemade slime with this slime kit. Create your own slime creation! DIY Slime Party: Slime supplies can be applied as birthday, wedding, baby shower and party decorations. The variety colorful sequins and glitter, DIY slime accessories, make party theme special and charming, and absolutely light up your children slime party. Wide application: Great for making slime, vase filling, gift box filling , flower arrangements, DIY craft, home party wedding decoration and so on Packing List: 1*52 Packs Slime Supplies Kit

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Art Paper Simple Guide before Buying Art Paper Products

Even to this day, the lovely art paper products are still relevant when it comes to decoration. Not just that, different paper textures can be used for different events. From birthday cards to the scrap books, you will be utterly amazed that papers are wonderful materials for any occasions.

Since there are too many textures and finishes of papers, it can be very confusing indeed. Thankfully, there is always a better way to understand them so that you can make the best decision. Hence, this is a simple guide that you can read before going to buy art paper products.

Textures & Finishes of Papers

Generally, there are four different types of paper textures. They are smooth, embossed, uncoated, and coated. Moreover, each type also has its own several paper styles that you should know.

Smooth Paper Texture

As for the smooth paper texture, there are three basic paper styles which are wove, smooth, and vellum. All of them do not have raised ridges or watermarks. The wove paper is very smooth and it does not contain any watermarking or ribbed detailing. When you run a paper through sets of rollers, you will get one smooth paper texture. As for vellum, it is actually smooth yet rough and it has an egg shell look.

Embossed Paper Texture

The embossed paper texture consists of paper which contains raised detailing that can be both seen and felt. Besides, there are three paper styles for the embossed paper texture. They are linen, laid, and pinstripe. First, the linen paper is exactly feels and looks much like the linen fabric. It is frequently favored for its elegant and sleek details. The laid paper offers the paper the look and feel of a quality hand-crafted paper from ages ago. As a matter of fact, this is type of finish which is being applied to the paper during the paper-making process.

Finally, the pinstripe finish gives subtle pinstripe marking with its ribbed texture. The long ribbed lines run parallel down the length of the paper to give it the lovely details that can be classic and timeless at the same time.

Uncoated Paper Texture

Like its name, uncoated paper texture simply means that there is no coating applied to the paper. For this particular paper texture, there are two of them: parchment and cockle. The parchment paper or marble paper usually gives you the rough texture. Made by running paper pulp through a bath of chemicals breaking down the paper compounds, it enables the parchment paper to enjoy the smooth-like marble texture. Hence, the parchment paper is good for menus, certificates, newsletters, and personal stationery.

Coated Paper Texture

The coated paper texture has a layer of coating applied to it. This coating is being used to improve the brightness and durability of the paper. Not just that, it also boasts some form of color and shine to the paper. You can find coated paper texture in three different paper styles such as foil/metallic, stardream, and glossy. The foil/metallic contains a thin film of plastic or metal that causes it to sport shiny and smooth coating. Smooth and shimmery at the same time, the stardream paper can also found in three different varieties such as iridescent, pearlescent, and metallic. Finally, the glossy paper is smooth and shiny on one side while the other can be uncoated and rough.