Your stationery collection will never be complete without some novelty items. The article down below can tell you what novelty stationery is and what you can do with them. Click here to read more.


Everything you Need to Know About Novelty Stationery in Malaysia

Who doesn’t want to collect unique and original items for your arts and crafts or office material supply? Novelty stationery is different that your basic writing and office tools. They are one-of-a-kind tools that you can get to elevate your collection or to give out as a gift.

What is Novelty Stationery?

There is no definite answer to what novelty stationery really is but we could try to define both terms separately and then combining them to know what exactly novelty stationery is. Novelty means something original, unusual, or unique. The word itself was derived from the Latin word novus which means “new”. The term is usually used to describe unusual dances, songs, shows, and architectures. However, it also applies to novelty items with interesting, amusing, and unordinary designs. On the other hand, stationery encompasses all writing materials and accessories. Beware of confusing it with stationary, which means fixed or not changing in position.

So, novelty stationery simply means writing tools with distinctive and original designs. Since novelty items are rarely mass-marketed, novelty items uphold its unique status by being difficult to be purchased. Luckily for you, iPrice has an array of novelty items you can purchase online.

Types of Novelty Stationery and What You Can Do with Them

You can find different types of novelty stationery here like gift bags, cards, staplers, book accessories, tags, and gift wrappers. Paper gift bags are usually used in celebratory parties like birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, and bachelor or bachelorette parties. Sometimes, Christmas gift bags can also be given out during a feast or a gathering among family members and co-workers.

Cards are much more versatile. Surely, you’ve given or received a card at some point in your life in order to celebrate or due to grievances. This is perhaps because they seem more personal and if you include a heartfelt message in it, it’ll make it extra special for the receivers. Typically, people give out Christmas cards, birthday cards, and greeting cards, but they would often give this type of personalized stationery for graduation, promotion, sickness, or birth.

Novelty stapler comes in all types, shapes, and sizes. Instead of using a regular, boring stapler, you can do your arts and crafts project with a novelty staple gun to make stapling easier. Other types like heavy duty stapler and electric stapler are also considered as novelty because of its functionality and uniqueness.

Lastly, book accessories, tags, and gift wrappers are pretty much self-explanatory. Tags can be used to label binders, clothes, and books while gift wrappers, well, they wrap gifts. The book accessories on iPrice include scrapbook covers, embossed collages, bookends, and metal and rubber bookmarks.

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