There are many exciting projects that you can do with the proper application and use of craft accessories. Not just that, there is an impressive array of different craft accessories that you can use to push your creativity to another level of awesomeness. Read more about craft accessories in Malaysia below to find out.


Top Craft Accessories that You Can Build Yourself

Just as there are tons of craft accessories in the market, so too there are lots of choices on how to use them effectively. More often than not, you can always build your own craft accessories so that you can personalize them with your own touch. Therefore, these are the top craft accessories that you can build yourself.

Homemade Stickers

Do you know that you can turn almost anything into a sticker? If you do not know, you should try making stickers in order to find out. With just a packet of gelatin, sugar, and water, you will be able to make your own stickers effortlessly. As it turns out, you can follow these simple instructions below to make your stickers.

First, use the ruler and pencil to divide the paper into same-sized areas which will become the actual stickers. Then, you should color designs or pictures onto each square. Later, you can mix the adhesive and brush it onto the rear side of the paper. Eventually, the paper will curl up. When it is completely dry, it can be pressed flat with a heavy phone book. Finally, you can cut into individual stickers and lick to apply.

Homemade Sidewalk Chalk

Chalk art is really fun and it is amazing to see how even the simple chalk art can be beautiful indeed. What is even more fun is that you can actually make your own chalks. In order to make chalk, you just mix water and the plaster of Paris together in a large bowl. The next step is to add the powdered tempera paint to the mixture. Once the paint has been mixed in well, you can set it aside for a few minutes. Then, pour the whole mixture into the mould and let it dry.

Depending on the size of the mould, this can take from several hours to a day. When the mold is dry, remove the chalk and enjoy drawing to your heart's content. If you find out that chalk is still moist, you should let it dry for another 24 hours or one day.

Homemade Paper

While it can take a little while to make your own paper, the experience of making it definitely worth it. First, you need to make a paper mould by taking a wooden frame and staple a nylon screen to hold it tightly. Next, tear the scrap paper into small pieces and soak them in hot water for 30 minutes. You should fill a blender about three-quarters full with clean water. Then, take a handful of scrap and put them into the blender. After that, fill a basin or bathtub about halfway with warm water. During this process, remember to put several drops of white glue to the water and mix.

Pour the pulp into it and distribute evenly throughout the water. Now, you can dip the wooden frame into the water and scoop some of the pile. Keep on shaking the frame gently to layers of paper pulp on the screen. Drain the water and put a clean cloth on a flat table. After this, lay the screen face down on the cloth. As you lift the screen slowly, the paper should fall out easily on the cloth. Finally, let the paper dry completely and peel the paper off gently. Hence, this is how you make your own paper.