Traditional calculators in Malaysia still have their uses today despite the popularity of calculator apps in the market. They come in different types and have specialized functions that will help users with their work or school assignments. Click here to read more.


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5 Reasons Why People Still Use Traditional Calculators in Malaysia

Today, most people are depending on computers for basic numerical problems. They open a calculator app when they just want to add small numbers. With this in mind, do traditional calculators still have a place in the market? The fact that there is a surging appeal for calculators and scientific calculators in Malaysia means people still rely on them to perform various, significant tasks. Here are the reasons why a lot of people still use traditional calculators.

Aid in demonstrating concepts

What makes calculators a great tool in demonstrating numerical patterns and rules is their speed. It aids learners and especially teachers in expounding mathematical concepts faster. Regardless of what type of calculator they use, they can demonstrate various concepts through it. For teachers, they can better explain the patterns to repeating decimals and their connection to fractions to their students through a basic or any calculator. For students, they can fully interpret the changes in a graph by inputting different slope values with the help of a graphing or scientific calculator.

Accomplish real-world applications and problems

People who are employed in the field of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics will appreciate the use of a scientific calculator to solve work-related tasks. On the other hand, everyday people with mundane jobs figure out how much their hourly wages and mortgage payments through a calculator. Therefore, calculators can help you accomplish real-world applications and problems.

Assist in budget estimation

Right after you receive your salary, you make a pledge to yourself to budget accordingly. After a week, however, you find yourself facing an empty bank account. To avoid such situation, it’s recommended to take control of your spending with a budget plan. In your budget plan, you put entries such as monthly savings, monthly expenses, and annual expenses. Under each entry, say for monthly savings, you include fields like emergency funds, investment, and retirement. Then input your estimated amounts in all the fields. With the use of a financial calculator, you can determine the sum to figure out if you are under/over budget. So, say goodbye to an empty bank with a well-laid budget plan.

Helps in problem-solving

Calculators tremendously speed up the solving of physics, chemistry, and mathematics problems. Thus, they are an integral part of thinking and learning processes. However, in the case of students, some tend to depend on calculators too much and forget to learn basic mathematical skills. That’s why it’s still important for students to develop an understanding how to solve a math problem before relying on a calculator’s answer.

Keep financial transactions accurate

Printing calculators help maintain a business or company’s financial records accurate. They have a print feature which allows you to get a printout to check financial entry errors or a receipt to give to customers. Besides its printing ability, this type of calculator has unique keys that allow you to get a percentage, grand total, tax rate, and much more.