Velcro tapes have made their way into many Malaysian households. They are incredibly versatile and can be used in multiple ways. Discover creative uses for Velcro tapes below!


5 Creative Ways to Use Velcro at Home

Velcro is one of the easiest ways that enable us to fasten things together. In fact, you probably have something at home that uses Velcro in some way. Velcro is widely available on the market in all forms – long strips, small patches, without adhesives, etc. Besides using them as fasteners, here are some other ways to use Velcro tapes in your everyday life.

Keep Rugs in Place

Rugs may complete the overall interior design of your home, but they can be tripping hazards when they move out of place or roll at the corners. A cheap and effective solution to secure the rugs is by using Velcro. Adding a piece of Velcro to each corner on the underside of the rug and the floor beneath keeps the rug stationary and prevents the rug from sliding around or bunching up. The Velcro tape also serves as a visual marker for where it was before when it comes time to sweep or vacuum the floor or if you need to wash the rug.

Keep Your Phone Vertical

Although there is a generous array of smartphone stands sold today, they can be quite costly and they might not provide the right angle and height for proper usage. Instead of purchasing these holders, why not utilise Velcro to keep your phone or tablet upright? All you need to do is attach 2 or 3 strips of Velcro to the back of your device and place the loop side on surfaces where you usually place your smartphone or tablet – on the back of your car headrest, on the wall atop your study table, a bedroom wall, etc.

Cable Management

Keeping cables organised can be a big pain, especially when there is a large bunch of them and they are entangled. Velcro tapes can also be used to organise your cables, preventing them from being mixed up. Just wrap the Velcro tape around the wound cables, pull tight, and fasten the tape. This method of managing cables only takes seconds to apply and remove, making them very effective to be used in many situations. Other than cables, you can also use them to bunch loose pens, pencils, or small tools as well.

Prevent Remote Controls from Being Misplaced

How often do you find yourself hunting around the house for the remote control for your television or air conditioner? Save yourself the unnecessary hassle by attaching one side of the Velcro tape on the back of the remote and the other on a place where you want the remote to be – on the coffee table, on the sides of sofas, etc. Just remember to put the remote control back every time you are done with it.

Hang Artwork or Pictures

Wouldn’t it be great if you could hang artwork or pictures without putting yet another hole in the wall? A few pieces of Velcro tape will enable you to do the trick. Apply a few strips of Velcro tape along the back of the piece and press them firmly against the wall. For heavier pieces, you should use heavy-duty or industrial-strength Velcro tapes to ensure that they can sustain the weight imposed upon them.