Explore the vastness of universe with your dedicated crew that comes from different places and background. This is what Star Trek is all about! Set your phasers to fun because you are going to have a great blast with Star Trek! Read more about Star Trek in Malaysia below to find out.


Top Star Trek Products for Star Trek Fans

More than just a gateway to geekiness, Star Trek gives us a glimpse of future for many of us through our television sets. No matter which Star Trek incarnation is your favorite, you can be confident that there are tons of Star Trek-inspired products to celebrate your Star Trek adventure. These are the top Star Trek products that you should get as Star Trek fans.

Star Trek USB Enterprise Webcam

Thanks to this amazing Star Trek webcam, you can bring your original starship Enterprise (NCC-1701) to be a part of your desktop or laptop setup now. Since its release to the market, it is not a surprise that it sends fans from around the world rush at warp speed to get their hands on Star Trek USB Enterprise webcam. Once it is powered, its engines can even light up to give you the full starship effect. This lovely webcam design channels its Star Trek vibe with its sight and sound. With the presence of the iconic Starfleet vessel, you can proclaim your allegiance to Star Trek series as you fly your Star Trek flag high and let people around you know who the truest Star Trek fan.

Star Trek Encyclopedia: Reference Guide to Future

This newly revised and expanded Star Trek Encyclopedia: Reference Guide to Future is a must-have product for any Star Trek fan. Both Michael Okuda and Denise Okuda spend painstaking efforts into updating the incredible Star Trek encyclopaedia with a fully new design, illustrations, and countless detailed entries from the history of Star Trek universe. If you are a true Star Trek fan, you will not hesitate to grab it at warp speed. With this Star Trek encylopedia, your resistance is futile and you will be part of Star Trek collective!

Star Trek Makeup

A lot of people are surprised to find Star Trek boasts its own inspired collection of makeup products. While most people know that they can find Star Trek props and accessories without much trouble, they do not expect special Star Trek-inspired collection of makeup by MAC. This 25-piece MAC makeup collecton covers lip, eye, and face products. For lipglass or lip gloss, you have Pleasure Planet (muted gold shimmer), Khaaannnn! (berry with red reflects), Set to Stun (light silver with gold pearl), and Warp Speed Ahead (plum with blue and pink reflects).

Regarding its available lipstick options, you can find The Enemy Within (neutral gold shimmer - frost), Where No Man Has Gone Before (pink with gold heart - lustre), Kling-It-On (deep purple with fine pink glitter - frost), and LLAP (icy rose champagne - frost). This collection also contains nail lacquer signature styles such as Skin of Evil (yellowish green with black chunks - frost), Holla-Deck (gold sparkle - frost), and Enterprise (silver chrome - frost). As for this collection's lash product, you have Wink of an Eye.

As one of the essential elements in makeup, you simply cannot do makeup with your trusty brushes. When it comes to makeup brushes, this MAC Star Trek-inspired makeup collection certainly does not lack them either. Available in two brush choices, you have 184 Duo Fibre Fan Brush and 246 Synthetic Fluffy Eye Brush. On the subject of eyeliners, you have a trio of Superstick Liquid Eye Liners such as On the Hunt (true black), Nocturnal (bright silver pearl), and Pure Show (bright yellow gold pearl).

Full of Star Trek references, this MAC Star Trek-inspired makeup collection is definitely a true gift for any Star Trek fans out there. It is also amazing to see even people who are not fans of Star Trek also enjoy this Star Trek treat immensely because MAC has done its job well in capturing the essence and feel of Star Trek with its products. For Star Trek fans, you can become your favorite Deanna Troi, Uhura, Orion Girl (Vina), and Seven of Nine.

Mega Bloks Star Trek

When Mega Bloks unveils its Star Trek Collector Construction Sets, it receives fantastic responses from Star Trek fans. These amazing Star Trek sets include the well-detailed USS Enterprise NCC-1701 Signature Series, the Klingon D7 Battlecruiser, an Away Team Figure Pack, a Transporter Room, and the classic Bridge. Each set delivers amazing levels of detail and depth which reflects Star Trek universe accurately. As an example, the Klingon D7 battlecruiser is a buildable ship that features deluxe printed details and twin disruptor cannons which fire green laser beams. It also comes with a swivelling display set, printed nameplate, and a premium fabric that bears the proud Klingon insignia.

Star Trek Clothing

From the iconic Starfleet uniforms that you can wear for roleplay to everyday Star Trek-inspired clothing, you will be delighted that there are tons of options in Star Trek clothing. In other words, there is a wide range of Star Trek-inspired clothing which you can wear to embrace your Star Trek side. Since Star Trek is all about spreading the message of peace and explore the galaxy, you should feel free to explore more about Star Trek clothing.

Plain, striking and cool, these are the words that you can use to describe Star Trek-inspired uniform tees. They spare you from looking too "custom-ish" since you can wear them wherever you go without drawing too much attention. At least, people will not go to you and ask you on whether you are cosplaying when you are not doing that. Most importantly, you can show your Star Trek side without feeling judged by other people. In fact, they are cool designs that make you get away easily.

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