Stanley is one of the oldest brands of power and hand tools in the market today. This company has been manufacturing these tools since the late 1800's and has been leading the industry since. Their line of products are highly researched in order to provide the maximum function that you could get from their wide variety of tools. Also, they're famed for the high reputation that they hold as they are one of the pioneers in the industry. Read more about Stanley here!


Stanley Malaysia: The Father Of All Hand Tool Brands

Stanley is a brand of hand and power tools and storage products. This brand has been the epitome of innovation, quality, reliability and value for more than 170 years. Stanley Malaysia has all the right tools for you to get some heavy jobs to be done. That’s why Stanley is known for its reputation for upholding excellence and their dedication in continuous testing, engineering, and developing their products in order to ensure quality and optimum performance. That is how Stanley maintain its record as one of the world’s best because they put great importance in that expectation from its customers.


Stanley has been around since 1843 which was founded by Stanley Works from New Britain Connecticut. The company started out as a manufacturer of boxwood. It wasn’t when 1863 that it started to introduce they're first ever hand tool which is the hammer. Then it started its growth when it purchased “Bailey, Chaney, and Company” which enabled them to expand and manufacture their range of tool under Baily’s patents. The company first manufactured their own screwdrivers in 1870, then it took them more than 5 decades to finally establish their brand’s logo. In 1931, their product range had introduced another essential hand tool which was the steel tape ruler, then a variety of utility knives in 1936. It wasn’t until 1963 that they started to build their huge hand tool plant which was located in New Britain, CT, which was also the biggest one in the world at that time. In the same year, they introduced the Power Tape Rule, which later became the product that gave Stanley a worldwide exposure as it was one of the tools used by the astronauts that first landed on the moon.

Fast forward to the modern day, in 1999 they first introduced the FatMax Tape Rule and their Anti-Vibe Hammer, which were the first of its kind in the world. In 2008, they reintroduced Sweetheart Planes another essential hand tool in dealing with wood works. In 2011, they launched the Carbide blades, a heavy duty tool that is used for cutting metals and heavy construction materials. Then in 2015, they put the smart in the modern day measurements, with their innovative measuring tool, and to date, they continue to advance further in bringing more innovation in the way people carry out construction and building work today.

Stanley Malaysia Products

Hand Tools

Their 35ft FatMax Tape Rule is among their most famous hand tool that was part of the essentials in America’s construction tools. This tool has an increased reach which extends up to 35ft and with an efficiency of 13’ of a standout. This tool is preferred by professionals because it allows them to work with more efficiency and its interchangeable versatile hook attachment. Its blade life is up to 10x more than the regular brands due to their patented BladeArmor technology.

Automotive Tools

They have a wide array of automotive tools such as wrenches, ratchets, mechanic tool sets, screwdrivers, nut drivers, screwdriver sets, battery chargers, jump starters and power stations, and power inverter. Their automotive tools can also be purchased as one set and it’s called the Stanley Fatmax tools. The Fatmax Tools is created to make you work stronger, faster, and smarter.


As for storage boxes, they have tool boxes, mobile storage, organizers, soft storage, and structural foam boxes. Their most famous toolbox is the “Click ‘N’ Connect’ 2-in-1 Tool Box, which is a storage solution for people who are fond of DYIs or simply those homeowners because of its customizability. This tool box is large; it sports a number of dividers that provides its users the ability to create the organizer that would fit the way they work and use their hand tools, power tools, screws, nails, and others.

Measuring & Layout

Their most popular measuring and layout tool are the FatMax Tape Rule, a high-performance tape that is built with a rugged which is suitable for heavy duty environment such as construction. It features a wide blade for easy readability, and a Mylar Polyester film to provide protection to the blade, and a top notch coating called BladeArmor which could extend the blade life of up to 10 times more than the basic measure tape.

For that quick fix that calls for the need of hand and power tools, the go-to brand is Stanley Malaysia. Their reputation is built from a century of experience and innovation; you could never go wrong with the tools that they manufacture.