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Stabilo Malaysia: Elegant Writing and Coloring Instruments

Stabilo Malaysia: The Hallmark of Quality

Stabilo (also known as Schwan-Stabilo) first started out as a pencil company by the name of Grossberger & Kurz Bleistiftfabrik in Nuremberg, Germany in year 1855. It was then acquired by Gustav Adam Schwanhäusser in 1865 when the company went bankrupt. He renamed the company to “Schwan pencil factory” and used the picture of a swan as its logo. In 1976, the company rebranded itself to Schwan-Stabilo in honor of the Schwanhäusser family. Since then, the company has grown and expanded its product lineup. Then, in 1992, the brand split into 2 separate companies, Schwan-Stabilo Cosmetics and Schwan-Stabilo (writing instruments).

We will be focusing on the Schwan-Stabilo company that manufactures writing instruments. After all, that is what Stabilo is known for in Malaysia. Schwan-Stabilo is headquartered in Heroldsberg, Germany, but has production subsidiaries located across the world. One of them being Swan Malaysia that is located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. This particular subsidiary handles the manufacturing of ballpoint pens and is named as Swan Malaysia.

Stabilo Malaysia: The Boss of Writing Instruments

Stabilo is home to many writing instruments that can be used for artistic, technical or studying purposes. Its products are affordable, but made from the highest quality materials all for the pleasure of their customers. Stabilo’s products can be separated into the following categories:

Fine Liners, Roller Ball Pens, Ballpoint Pens, Pencils, Marker Pens
Highlighters of all colors and shapes
Wooden Colored Pencils, Felt Tip Colored Pens
STABILO EASYergonomic Experts
Writing instruments that are made to fit the hand of children and adolescents comfortably. Writing instruments under this category have special designs made to suit either left-handed or right-handed users.

    Among the many products that Stabilo has to offer, the brand is most known for its highlighters. In fact, the brand’s highlighter line, Stabilo Boss, is touted as one of the world’s most used highlighter pens.

    Stabilo Malaysia: Colors for a Greener World

    It is never easy for companies to ensure that their products are friendly to the environment, without risking the quality or having to raise the cost of their products. But Stabilo has done just that with its Green line of products. Stabilo Green was made in collaboration with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This line of green writing products are made from renewable woods and is Stabilo’s step in ensuring that the environment will be protected, no matter what the cost.

    This particular line of environmentally-friendly products includes:

    Stabilo GREENlighter
    Three-sided highlighter that comes in a pencil form. The highlighter is made from FSC-certified lime wood with environmentally friendly matt paint.
    Stabilo GREENcolors
    Color pencils that come in the classic hexagon shape. The colored pencils are made from FSC-certified Weymouth white pine along with environmentally friendly matt paint.
    Stabilo GREENgraph
    A pencil that is hexagon in shape and comes with an eraser on the end of the pencil. The pencil is made from FSC-certified jelutong wood and comes with environmental-friendly matt paint.
    Stabilo GREENtrio
    These colored pencils are triangular in shape and made to fit the hands of small children. The child-friendly colored pencils are made from FSC-certified wood and comes with environmental-friendly matt paint.
    Stabilo GREENpoint
    Made from 98% recycled plastic, these pens are strong with a wide tip of 0.8 mm diameter. The pen is great for writing and/or highlighting.

      Some Fun Facts about Stabilo!

      • Stabilo’s first major invention was the Copying Pencil. In year 1875, an age when photocopiers did not exist, these colored copying pencils were god-sent. These pencils were used by writing over the original document and then placing a damp sheet of paper on top. This will then transfer the pencil markings onto the damp paper, creating a perfect copy.
      • More than 60 million Stabilo Boss (Stabilo’s highlighter product) is sold every year worldwide.
      • Prison supermarkets in Bamberg no longer carry Stabilo pens as an inmate joined them together to create a fishing rod that a dealer could attach drugs to.
      • During a heated debate about what to name their band, someone suggested Stabilo Boss (after Stabilo’s popular highlighter). The members of the Canadian rock band decided to go with it.
      • Stabilo’s Luminator highlighter has a marking length of 600 meters, while its rollerballs has a writing length of about 3,000 meters. Even more impressive is Stabilo’s pencil that can be used up to 50-150km of writing length.

        Stabilo Malaysia: Quality Products for Art, School and Work

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