Shopping for new furniture is always an exciting process, but it is also a challenging one. Nowadays, there are limitless varieties of products in the market. With SSF online store in Malaysia, you can now ideally furnish your home. Check out below and learn more about their products.


SSF online store in Malaysia: Your one-stop furnishing needs

It goes without saying that furniture is essential for any interior of any home. Furniture plays a great role and should be the first element that is taken into consideration. Many interior designing experts mention that furniture may give an unexpected effect to your home depending on how you style it. Let SSF online store in Malaysia assist you in your purchase with their vast category of furnishing items below:

  • Kitchen & Dining – Essentially, the most important furniture for your cooking and eating space are the tables and chairs. To enhance your overall look of this space, you can opt for accessories such as tableware, canisters, and storage.
  • Hallway & Entry – In most Asian households, this portion of the home is where most of the shoes are left before entering the house. Ensure your shoes are kept in proper condition with shoe racks; a nice chair to assist you in those difficult to wear footwear may also be placed.
  • Outdoor & Garden – The empty space of the outside portion of your home would look nice decorated with a bench, throw in a couple of pillows to add a pop of colour to it.
  • Home Décor – Even though furnishing is essential to make a home look complete, adding a little décor around the house such as flowers or wall clocks would make it look even better.
  • Home Office – Make your home office look like a genuine office with furniture sets and storage cabinets.

The list does not end there, as with SSF online store in Malaysia they also offer furniture and products for your bedroom, home improvement, bathroom, living room, stationary, housekeeping, and feeding.

How to furnish the exterior of your home?

Many people think that furnishing the interior of your home is crucial, however, decorating the outdoor space is equally important. No matter how big or small the outdoor space of your home is, there are always alternatives to making it look decent. This is because small changes will make a big difference. Whether it is a porch, patio or garden, here are some tips on furnishing it with items from SSF Malaysia.

Fill up space

An ideal way of making the most of outdoor space is by using it in a way to suit your lifestyle. For example, if you are equipping a patio, consider what are the main uses for the given space and furnish it accordingly. Are you the type who likes to have a good book in one hand while sipping some tea? If so, you may utilize a garden bench and make it as comfortable as possible with quilts or throw pillows. Make sure to add on a coffee table to place your favourite beverage. If you prefer to dine outside, think about how many people you would like to accommodate. It also doubles as an alternative place to chit-chat when you have guests over.

Outdoor friendly materials

You don’t need to be a genius to figure this out in terms of using the right materials for your outdoor space. The given space is going to be subjected to outdoor elements, so it is only ideal to choose the right fabrics for the furniture. Even though the materials are outdoor-friendly, it does not make it bulletproof. So it is still necessary to give your furniture a good cleaning once in a while.

Make use of plants

Be one with nature and accentuate your space with potted plants and other greenery. Since you’re already in an outdoor area, making use of plants will brighten up space and make you feel as if the outdoor space flows from an area to another. Instead of spending a whole lot on fresh flowers, you can opt for fake potted plants. Not only does it look like the real deal, but it also saves you the hassle of changing it every day. Other than utilizing it as a form of decoration, other ornamental items like a wall clock or decorative balls.

Embrace foldable furniture

Collapsible furniture gives you the choice to transform your outdoor space in just a matter of minutes, especially when you have guests over. It can be easily tucked away or stored when it is not in use.

Comfort over anything

In any space no matter if it’s indoors or outdoors, it is always definite to select furnishings that you can relax in. There are chances that you would not be inclined to utilise the space if it is not equipped with comfortable furniture. So, it is important to make it as enjoyable as your indoor space.

How do I obtain an SSF membership?

To become an SSF Home member, you need to fill out an application at one of the outlets and present your identification. This can be your NRIC, driving license, or passport. The membership costs RM39.90 and the same fee applies every year to renew your SSF Home membership.

An SSF Home membership grants you 40% off for your first 4 items and subsequent 1 item with 50% off during your birthday month. You can also purchase items at exclusive member-only prices.

Where are SSF outlets located?

Here are some SSF outlets in Klang Valley. For a complete list of outlets, visit the official SSF website.

  • Ampang Point Selangor
  • Casa Square, Puchong
  • DPULZE Shopping Centre
  • Hartamas Shopping Centre
  • Melawati Mall
  • Klang Parade
  • Pearl Gallery Shopping Mall, KL
  • Scott Garden, KL
  • Subang Parade
  • Sunway Geo
  • Sunway Giza
  • Sunway Putra Mall
  • The Mines
  • The Starling Mall
  • Union Square Bangi
  • Viva Shopping Mall

Can I buy SSF furniture online?

Yes, you can buy SSF furniture online through their official website or merchants like Lazada and Shopee. When purchasing through the official website, you can opt for delivery or self-collection at any SSF outlets of your choosing. There is also a return program where you can refund, exchange, or request credit note if a damaged or wrong item is sent to you. When purchasing from third-party merchants, make sure the furniture you’re buying is in tip-top shape and check with the seller if you’re eligible for a return program as well.