A gym essential for women, sports bras provide the needed support for your breasts. Find out how to choose the right sports bra here or scroll down below for the hottest sports bras from the biggest brands such as Nike, Reebok, and Puma.


Sports Bras - Making Physical Activities Easier

Sports bras are a type of women’s underwear designed to provide support and enhance a woman’s range of movement during physical activity. The first sports bra was developed in 1975 by Glamorise Foundations Inc in 1975 called the “Free Swing Tennis Bra”. In 1977, the next generation of sports bra was invented by Lisa Lindahl and costume designer Polly Smith, along with her assistant Hinda Schreiber. The three developed a new kind of sports bra where it featured jockstraps for women’s breasts to alleviate chafing and sore breasts. Throughout the years, constant invention and reinvention of the sports bra paved the way for better and more comfortable undergarments for physical activity, enabling and empowering women to do more.

Why do you need a sports bra?

  • Compared to using typical bras at the gym, sports bras are sturdier and can last more under stress.
  • What makes them great during any physical activity is that it minimizes breast movement, reduces potential damage to chest ligaments and alleviates discomfort.
  • Sports bras allow for a better range of movement, making it ideal for physical activity.
  • Sports bras are fabulous garments to wear. Some sports bras are even designed as outerwear so that you can flaunt your body while on a jog.

How to choose the right sports bra

When choosing your sports bras, there are three things that you need to consider: (1) straps, (2) cups, and (3) band and size panels. These factors affect how comfortable you are going to be while wearing your chosen sports bra. Whether you have perky double Ds or a pair of As, here are great tips on how to choose the right sports bra:

  • Choose the right bra for your size. Knowing your bra size is key to finding the perfect sports bra. There are two things you should know: (1) compression and (2) encapsulation. Compression, as the name suggests, compresses your breasts and is great for smaller cup size. Encapsulation, on the other hand, are sports bras which have individual cups and work best with larger cups.
  • Choose the right straps. There are two types of straps to choose from: (1) racerback and (2) wide straps. Racerback straps are straps that forms an “X” at the back. These type of straps anchors the bra closer to the body and provides more support while wide straps evenly distribute weight and is therefore ideal for women with large cups.
  • Choose the right style. There are two types of sports bras: (1) back clasps and (2) pullovers. Back clasps are sports bras that are fashioned with a fastener at the back, much like a typical bra. This type of sports bra is great for larger breasts because it derives most of its support from the band which you can tighten or loosen. On the other hand, pullovers are sports bras which are worn like a shirt or a tank.

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If you love to hit the gym, jog, or play sports, then a sports bra is a lifesaver. Not only does it provide support for your breasts, it also allows greater range in motion and prevents further breast movement. By choosing the right bra for your size, the right size and style, you can get the best and most comfortable sports bra. Choose from our selection of sports bra here or browse by brands such as Nike, Reebok, Victoria's Secret and more!