Lord Byron once said, “There is pleasure in the pathless woods, there is rapture in the lonely shore, there is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in its roar; I love not Man the less, but Nature more.” If your love for the sea echoes this sentiment then Sperry is the brand for you. Forged by a sailor, this brand keeps you steady on the rough seas and ready for whatever comes next.


Sperry Top-Sider, inspired by a dog

Boat shoes or also known as the deck shoes and top sider, one of fashion’s most iconic pair of shoes was inspired by our furry, four legged friend. While mostly everyone owns a pair of this comfortable shoe, only a few people knows its interesting history. It all started when Paul Sperry, an avid boater who struggled to find for a secured footing on the slippery deck and nearly lost his life to the rough seas. One day, when he took his dog, a cocker spaniel named Prince out for a walk, he was amazed by the grip his dog had while running on slippery ice.

Paul know that it had something to do with the pads on Prince’s feet and when he realised that the cracks and the grooves on his dog’s feet formed a herringbone-like pattern that gave him grip. This gave Paul the idea to cut similar herringbone-like patterns on the soles of the shoe that he used when he was on deck. When he introduced the Sperry Top-Sider shoe with mid- to dark brown leather uppers and a white rubber sole with the same herringbone pattern carved to the sole of the shoe, his shoe caught the attention of the U.S. Navy and began making Top-Siders for their sailors. When the U.S Rubber Company took over the business, the whole of U.S started using this shoe not only for their boating, but for everything else too.

Thanks to this inspiration, many lives have since lived another day to tell of their great adventures in the sea. Today, Sperry Top-Sider has grown so large; there is no one that do not know about their extraordinary boat shoes.

Interesting collaborations

No one is interested in plain, boring shoes anymore and this is exactly why Sperry Top-Sider collaborated with well-known designers from all around the world to revamp their classic silhouette.

Sperry X Band of Outsiders
After working together 3 years ago, there is just no stopping Sperry Top-Sider and the LA label Band of Outsiders from collaborating again for their brand new spring collection. The 6-piece line infuses the best of both worlds, Sperry’s iconic boat shoe silhouette and the quirky designs from Band of Outsiders. The shoes features vibrant screen-printed illustrations with nautical strips from tromp l’oeil lace and stitching effects.

Sperry X Orlebar Brown
One season that everybody can’t get enough of is summer. So, one way to make summer longer and people happier is by designing really awesome shoes and thanks to Orlebar Brown’s latest collaboration with Sperry Top-Sider, everyone can now enjoy the summer sun. The small collection consists of 4 slip-on deck shoe designs that features the much-loved CVO slip-on silhouette on Brown’s SS14 swim fabric.

Sperry X Extra Butter
When Sperry and Extra Butter are up to something, you can be assured that it is something good. This summer, these two names joined forces to bring their fans a whimsical project that was inspired by a comedy series, the “Caddy Pack”. It was a play that used mixed materials and emphatic print on an old school country club. This collaboration consists of 4 different designs that feature the contrasting and outlandish characters that you can find in a country club.

Sperry even attracts glamourous people

Sperry Top-Sider has always been loved by many people all around the world thanks to their boat shoes and the preppy chic style that it adds to any outfit, taking it from drab to casual and fun. Even celebrities can’t seem to keep their hands and feet from this outstanding brand. Some of their well-known fans include the whole Kennedy family, Usher, Liam Neeson, Blake Lively, Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Ellen DeGeneres to name a few.

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