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Speedy Malaysia: The Official Movie Distributor

Do you love to watch movies on a weekend from the comforts of your couch while snuggling your pillow? Do you prefer avoiding the long lines and the rowdy crowd in movie theatres? Do you have no patience in downloading video or audio media from the world wide web? Or you simply don’t have an idea where to download the latest available block buster movies? Speedy has the most updated movie collections which you could buy with a click of a finger. From DVD to Blu Ray format, there will always be a copy of your favorite movie for whatever platform you use.

Speed Malaysia Video Distributor is an authorized seller of licensed movie, music and other digital media electronic products at an affordable price. They offer a wide range of official hard copy of block buster movies as soon as they’re released. Speedy has been keeping movies and music alive in the comforts of the homes of many for 20 years now. Despite the challenge that the movie distribution industry is facing today in the era of digital media, Speedy is still in full swing dishing out the best block buster movies as soon as they are available.

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