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Just keep swimming with Speedo.

There is a high chance that at some point in your life, you owned a Speedo. But do you know that this summer must have brand has a pretty interesting history? Founder by a fellow Scot, Alexander MacRae, who lived in Australia, set up an underwear manufacturing company called the MacRae Hosiery manufacturers. In Australia, everyone loved the beach and because of this, MacRae quickly expanded his collection to include swimwear and changed the name of the company to MacRae Knitting Mills.

When MacRae introduced the “Racerback”, a classic, figure-hugging swimsuit which allowed swimmers to have the ultimate freedom when moving, enabling them to swim faster, one of the staff member, Captain Parsons created the slogan ‘Speed on with your Speedos’. And that my friend, was how Speedo got its name in 1928. Thanks to the acceptance of swimming as a sport, the swimwear market grew like mushrooms after a downpour. And when Arne Borg, a Swedish swimmer set a world record while wearing the Speedo swimwear, this brand became the world’s favourite.

Although the swimwear production was interrupted during the Second World War where 90% of manufacturing was dedicated to supplying knitwear, underwear, mosquito nets, signal flags and essentials for the army, Speedo managed to swim their way back to the top of the popularity ladder and stayed there to this very day. Today, Speedo is known for designing swimsuits for athletes and has been worn by more gold medal Olympic winners that any other brand.

But if you think that Speedo only designs for athletes, then this is where you are wrong. With the general public’s interest in mind, the brand has now the widest range of swimsuits, bikinis and full pieces that are dipped in vibrant colors and prints. So now no matter if you are getting the perfect tan at the beach or practising your strokes in a lap pool, you know you can always count on Speedo to keep your water essentials fulfilled.

Stay confident with the Speedo Sculpture

Summer is a season that demands a high self-confidence for it is the season of swimsuits and bikinis. Thanks to the sized zero models who look good in anything, most women don’t think they can pull off looking great in swimsuit or a bikini. This is the main reason Speedo created their ‘Speedo Sculpture’. As a boost of confidence, this swimsuit is made just for you. After analysing the body shapes of more than 5000 women, Speedo allows women everywhere to feel comfortable and happy in their own skin, not just in the water but in the changing rooms, at the poolside and just anywhere else with the Speedo Sculpture.

This body shaping swimwear that clings to your body like a second skin is made from body shaping fabrics and designed with visual tricks that smoothens, shapes and enhances your curves, distracting the view from the bits you’re not so keen on showing. Now you can change the walk from the changing room to the pool into your own personal runway feeling as confident as a Victoria Secret angel.

Dive in deeper with Speedo Endurance

Take swimming to the next level with Speedo Endurance. Add an extra mile to your swimming distance with this latest design from Speedo that features high-stretch, chlorine resistant fabrics with latest innovation that gives extra life to your swimwear. After much research for more than 7 decades, Speedo allows their swimmers to achieve the most of out their swimwear, no matter if they are doing their laps or just floating away in the pool. The Speedo Endurance is built to last, so throw it in anything, chlorine, washing, beach, anything else, nothing can wear out the most durable swimsuit ever created with multidirectional stretch for added softness and comfort.

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