Bringing you the latest fashion from South Korea, SPAO provides you with all the necessary fashion items to dress like your favourite Korean stars. Keep yourselves updated with the latest fashion trends from the birthplace of K-pop with SPAO! Check out the latest fashion finds from SPAO Malaysia below.


SPAO Malaysia - How to Look Like Your Favourite Korean Celebrities

The Hallyu wave is still going strong in Malaysia, appealing to many teens and young adults. Korean variety shows, dramas, and music are popular amongst Malaysians. The popularity of Korean culture extends beyond the entertainment industry as Malaysians also show major interest in Korean food and fashion as well!

In terms of fashion, avant-garde and haute couture street styles make up the very soul of Korean fashion and they are well-loved by K-Pop idols and Hallyu stars. Hence, if you want to look like your favourite Korean stars, then you should check out SPAO’s collection of fashion items for both man and women. With its headquarters located in Seoul, Korea’s fashion capital, SPAO is your one-stop brand to update yourselves on the latest Korean fashion trends. Collaborating with top K-Pop groups such as EXO and AOA mean that SPAO has an insight into the latest trends that are popular amongst Korea’s top stars! Want to be fashionable like top style icons Bae Suzy, Jessica Jung, or G-Dragon? Check out SPAO’s collection for both men and women and read these styling tips below!

Styling Tips for Women

With the popularity of K-Pop groups such as Girls’ Generation, Red Velvet, and BlackPink around the world, it is not surprising that everyone wants to look like Tae Yeon or Jennie. Fun, playful, and stylish… these are the characteristics to define women’s fashion in Korea. Here are some tips to make you look like your favourite Korean celebrity:

Layers are an In-Thing

Koreans love layers in their overall look. Layers add volume to your outfit, especially when you mix and match different textures and patterns to create a look. Layers also enable you to experiment with different garments without achieving the same look over and over again. So, don’t afraid to be creative and add layers to your style!

Dare to Wear Oversized Outerwear

Although most female idols and celebrities are known for their perfect figure, oversized outerwear such as sweaters and cardigans are immensely popular. Oversized outerwear is usually worn as a complement to skinny jeans and tights. Not only can they keep you warm during chilly weather, they also add balance to your outfit. Moreover, they can be worn comfortably especially while travelling, which is why they are usually seen on airport fashion trends.

Always Accessorize

Accessories are a staple in Korean fashion, so you should never leave them out if you want to achieve a K-Pop look. K-Pop idols tend to keep the accessories minimalistic yet able to complement their outfits well. Accessories such as headbands, sunglasses, and scarfs are common accessories that can be seen donned by these trendsetters. Although accessories are essential, you should always know the limits. Too much bling-bling will make you look like a Christmas tree; if none at all, you can look too basic.

Styling Tips for Men

Don’t worry, oppa(s), we did not leave you out! Male Korean idols and celebrities such as G-Dragon, Zico, and Jungkook from BTS have become global fashion icons. In Korea, it is not uncommon for males to put on makeup and to use skincare products daily to improve their look. Here are some tips to turn you into the neighbourhood oppa:

Invest in Skincare

Having flawless skin is the quintessential definition of beauty in Korea, even for guys! Hence, it is not surprising to see male K-Pop idols using facial masks and other skincare products to ensure that their skin is always smooth. If you want to pull off that K-Pop looks, you should first start taking care of your complexion. There are many skincare brands from Korea that you can try out such as Innisfree, Etude House, and The Face Shop.

Maintain a Good Figure

Fashion and cosmetics can only do so much. If you want to look like a K-Pop idol, you should also work as hard as they do to maintain your figure. You don’t necessarily need to have rock-hard abs and bulging muscles; all you need is to look clean and sharp. Going to the gym, eating a balanced diet, and having enough sleep are basic yet useful steps for you to have a male idol body.

A Good Hairstyle Can Make a Big Difference

K-Style is more than just about the clothes you wear, it is about your overall look. Male K-Pop idols are also known for sporting unique hairstyles, sporting colours such as purple, pink, and even silver. A suitable hairstyle can go a long way in completing your Korean-inspired look. You do not need to dye your hair but you can change your hairstyle to one that matches your facial features.

Want to join the K-Wave hype? Stay in touch with the latest fashion trends from South Korea by checking out SPAO’s comprehensive inventory of fashion items!