Boasting a long history of providing sport equipment, Spalding is one of the leaders when it comes to designing good sport products. Read about Spalding Malaysia here.

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Spalding Malaysia - Leading The World Of Sports With Innovation & Quality

Being true to the game is the rallying cry of Spalding Malaysia, it is a bold statement which declares that Spalding will be always committed in designing and producing sport gears that are faithful to the sports in terms of their spirits and rules. If one takes a look at the long history of Spalding which is about 140 years, you will be surprised to discover that little has changed over the years especially the quality of its products. In fact, Spalding has such established reputation in the world of sports that it actually produces the official balls for NBA, WNBA, Arena Football League, Little League Baseball and King of the Beach Volleyball as well as the official backboard for NCAA. Having such accolades under its belt is the best picture that illustrates the Spalding that is still burning with unbridled passion when it comes to supplying sport equipment of the finest qualities.

Glorious History Of Spalding Malaysia

Established as far as 1876, Spalding has seen the evolution and development of modern day sports. Before the founding of Spalding, Albert Goodwill Spalding was a professional baseball player in Boston Red Stockings that has became the first 200 game winner in baseball. Having won 241 out of 301 games from 1871 to 1875, Albert Spalding has played every single game with his own baseball that he has designed. Despite retiring from playing in 1876, his passion in sports has actually grown stronger than ever and he decided to enter the business world of marketing sport equipment.

Thanks to his innate business acumen, he managed to incorporate his own baseball experience in building his empire through the founding of Spalding company. Eventually, Spalding dominated the sport equipment market with its products as well as designing the official ball that would be used in National League and American League at that time. It was in the 1877 that Spalding made the first major league baseball glove that have been worn by dozens of Hall of Fame players over the years. In the following year, Spalding published its first official rules guide for baseball that was regarded to be essential and helpful for anyone that wished to learn to play baseball at that time. Not neglecting other sports as well, Spalding manufactured the first American football that was said to be the best during its inception.

The year 1888 was the great beginning for the baseball as Spalding sought to promote that sport around the world. When basketball was invented in 1891, Spalding was requested to design the first basketball in 1894 since the first basketball game was using a football. The following year saw the creation of volleyball and once again, Spalding was being tasked with development and design of the first volleyball. Manufacturing approximately 1 million bats annually, Spalding was proud to be largest producer of baseball bats in 1900. Throughout the decades, Spalding continues to lead by introducing newer and better ball designs; some of them even became official balls of prestigious tournaments and leagues.

Why You Should Buy Spalding Malaysia

Being The First

From the beginning, Spalding is all about being the first in everything. This forward-looking attitude has enabled Spalding to carve new paths and chart new grounds at the same time. In other words, Spalding products have been designed to be superior and advanced. This means that you will not be able to find any sport equipment that boast such qualities elsewhere. Looking at the achievements by Spalding, Spalding really walks the talk by being the one that builds the first balls for sports such as American football, basketball and volleyball. In addition, Spalding also promotes this "being the first" attitude in sportspeople and athletes in its products, citing the important aspect of reaching your peak performance is through obtaining best products that transform your hard-fought skills and trainings into the arena.

Heritage Of Excellence

Being the one that has made countless sport gears for 14 decades is one thing but it is entirely a different thing when it comes to maintaining the high quality of its own sport equipment. However, Spalding manages such feat as it hold stringent standard when supplying sport equipment to the world. Despite the fact that you will find that the quality of its product to be consistently same over the years, Spalding is not the one that will shy away from pioneering innovations when these can benefit the games and players themselves. In simpler words, Spalding aims for excellence in all aspects so that its customers can enjoy their sports to the fullest without any limitations.

Top Spalding Malaysia Products That You Must Check Out


Spalding is proud to announce that its basketballs are the official basketballs for both NBA and WNBA. This is because Spalding basketballs have met the stringent and performance standards that are imposed by NBA. Among its proudest creations is the Spalding Neverflat basketball series which boasts the power to stay fully inflated for at least one year. Compared to ordinary traditional basketballs, it is at least ten times longer than them.


Given its history of being specialized in manufacturing high quality balls, it is not surprising that Spalding is able to design high quality footballs as well. These Spalding footballs are famous for being durable and longer lasting and this allows you to use them for longer period of time as they can withstand harsher treatment.

Storming The Front With Spalding Malaysia

From making the first balls for American football, basketball and volleyball to the introduction of Pressure Retention Technologies as well as Rookie Gear (specialized sport gears for the youth), Spalding actually contributes a lot in making better sport gear for people of all ages. Due to this reason, you should not worry when using products from Spalding because it has been leading the world of sports with both innovation and quality since its establishment. For more specialized sport gears that you can use at outdoors, you can take a look at Spalding sports & outdoors.