Aptly named, the Sony Alpha camera series represents some of the best cameras in the current market. Read more about Sony Alpha Malaysia below to find out.

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Sony Alpha A6000 RM 1,899.00 Lazada
Sony Alpha A6500 RM 3,750.00 Lazada
Sony Alpha A5000 RM 1,250.00 Shopee
Sony Alpha ILCE-5100 (A5100) RM 849.24 Lazada
Sony Alpha A7c RM 2,644.57 Shopee
Sony Alpha A6600 RM 4,899.00 Shopee
Sony Alpha A6000 Black RM 2,099.00 Lazada
Sony Alpha A6000 Silver RM 1,899.00 Lazada
Sony Alpha a1 RM 26,789.00 Shopee
Sony Alpha A6100 RM 3,849.00 Shopee
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Sony Alpha Malaysia – Ambitiously Designed For Those That Want To Achieve

As one of the leading global brands in the world of electronics, entertainment and others, Sony is also famous for its own line of award-winning cameras such as DSLR cameras. Just as the market of DSLR cameras grow exponentially, so too Sony grows to be one of the largest DLSR camera companies in the world. Among all Sony cameras, the Sony Alpha camera series proves to be most popular as people recognize the reputation of this camera series as both powerful and reliable at the same time. After all, the Sony Alpha camera series is ambitiously designed for those want to achieve their dreams and visions. In short, those that will seek true high-performance camera will not be disappointed with Sony Alpha camera series.

An Awesome Story Of Aspiring For Greater Heights

The story of how Sony Alpha camera began is quite an interesting one as it involves two technological giants in its creation. In the early 2006, Sony has managed to acquire Konica Minolta, including all of its assests and technologies. Before its acquisition, Konica Minolta has been using the Alpha designation for its own line of autofocus cameras. Subsequently, Sony simply adapted and expanded Konica Minolta Alpha series by adopting the name "A-mount system". At the same time, this Sony Alpha camera series also now benefitted from leading lens manufacturer, Tamron (Sony maintained ownership stake in it to this day). Given the fact thatTamron has been working together with Sony andKonica Minolta in many occasions in the past, such arrangement has been a smooth affair as the Sony Alpha camera series enjoyed many great innovations and technologies that came from these technological giants.

Popular Sony Alpha Cameras That Are Highly Recommended For You

Sony Alpha A6300
As the flagship model of Sony APS-C mirrorless camera, this Sony Alpha A6300 has been said to be exceptional as it brings highly enhanced autofocusing and imaging speed into greater heights. With Sony Alpha A6300, it is all about enjoying superior speed, response and quality in every shot that you take. Despite its compact body, you actually experience the world's fastest autofocus which enables you to snap perfect pictures in an instance. In addition, you can shoot videos in 4K movie quality effortlessly. As such, it definitely changes the name of the game.
Sony Alpha A7R II
Encased in the full-frame, the Sony Alpha A7R II is a revolutionary Sony Alpha camera that redefines the way you use your camera. Being hailed as the world's first back-illuminated full-frame sensor, it features powerful 42.4MP CMOS sensor which makes the difference in terms of capturing more light efficiently, faster data processing and reducing the noise and blurriness in your pictures. In other words, you will be able to get clearer and highly detailed photos effortlessly as it is designed to provide peak performance without any compromise.
Sony Alpha A7S II
This amazing Sony Alpha camera has been proven to be marvelous as it empowers you to expand and express your newfound passion with its own highly innovative features. It delivers your basic shooting needs such as highly accurate focusing, wide dynamic angle, extra sensitivity and stability so that you are able to realize your creative vision effortlessly.
Moreover, the Sony AlphaA7S II boasts 5-axis optical image stabilization which makes sure that your stills and videos remain still via various lenses. At the same time, you will be glad that its autofocus system does its work so well especially when it comes to acquiring and maintaining accurate focus immediately in both bright and low lighting conditions.

Pursue Your Passion Ardently

Thanks to this exceptional Sony Alpha camera series, even your complex and difficult creative vision can be easily achieved as this series is desigend exclusively for you to pursue your passion without any problem. If you are interested in other Sony camera, you should take a look at Sony Cyber-shot cameras.