Sonic Gear Malaysia is the newest yet competitive brand for audio electronics from Southeast Asia. Enjoy a top notch audio experience with their innovative headphones, headsets, and speakers. Check out their range of products and know more about them here!


Sonic Gear Malaysia: Audio Electronics Expert of Southeast Asia

Sonic Gear Malaysia: Asia’s Answer to Western Audio Equipment Labels

When it comes to audio equipment and accessories, Sonic Gear is one of the biggest brands in Southeast Asia that’s as innovative as those labels that came from the western part of the world. Sonic Gear is an audio equipment and accessory brand from Singapore created by Leapfrog Distribution Pte Ltd. Leapfrog

Distribution is an enterprise that develops some of the most innovative technological equipment and accessories in Southeast Asia; Sonic Gear is just one of the subsidiary of this corporation, Armageddon, Alcatroz, and Audiobox are also the brands that are manufactured by Leapfrog.

Sonic Gear is a brand of cutting edge, innovative, and futuristic audio equipment and accessories such as speakers and headphones.

Why Choose Sonic Gear?

  • Their designs are the perfect example of a minimalistic beauty.
  • The brand’s diverse range of audio devices caters to almost all audio needs.
  • Designed for day to day use, however, its simplistic design would suit all occasions.
  • One of the selling points of Sonic Gear is their products’ price tag: not all cutting edge technology has to be expensive.

Sonic Gear Products

Sonic Gear invested much development in creating a very diverse selection of audio equipment and devices. Whatever audio device will satisfy your listening needs, they have it.


Sonic Gear Earphones are tangle-proof and easy to use. They come with snug fit earplugs which are replaceable and microphones. One of the stand-out characteristics of their earphones are their designs, they come in different colors and have an edgy style.

Earpump Pure is one of the most sought after earphones from Sonic Gear because not only is it affordable, but it's also outstanding in terms of performance and design. Its features include:

    • Balanced Armatures – provides a more distinctive audio quality in every sound.
    • Signature Earpump bass – bass feature that delivers a warmth and powerful soundwave that augments listening pleasures.
    • Sound Isolation – The top of the class ear buds could keep ambient noise from entering the auditory canal, concentrating only the sound coming from the earphones, and preventing them from escaping at the same time.
    • Apple Certified headsets – All earphones from Sonic Gear are certified by Apple, making them compatible accessories for all Apple products such as iPhone, iTouch, and iPads.


This is the better half of the personal audio devices line-up of Sonic Gear. Aside from being durable and loud, their headphones also come with a natural build noise canceling feature which can be credited to its form function, giving its users a no nuisance listening experience. It has a 44mm driver which ensures that the audio output is clear, loud, and crisp.

Their most famous Headphone to date is the Earpump Studio 2. At a price that’s not even quarter of the cost that you’d spend on headphones from prominent brands such as Beats or Soul, you’d get yourself a headphone that’s equally superior. The Earpump Studio 2 possess the following features:

    • Soft Ear Cushion with cup design
    • Easy to maintain surface coating because it’s made of high-quality gloss coating.
    • High sensitivity microphone that provides a clear, and loud audio input.

Bluetooth Speakers

Their Bluetooth speakers are highly functional and very compact. They have various Bluetooth speakers which come in different sizes, however, their most sought after Bluetooth speakers are those that sports very unique and cool designs. For one, their Pandora series is a big hit because it lives up to the mystery that its name is known for.

    • Pandora Classic is basically the most famous Bluetooth speaker from Sonic Gear. It features the following:
    • Bluetooth 4.0
    • 5 music playback modes
    • 6 preset equalizers
    • FM Tuner
    • Aux-in
    • TF Card / USB
    • Built-in 1800 mAh rechargeable battery
    • Up to 6 hours of music playback

Multimedia Speakers

A set of speakers that are suitable for home theater, PC, or even mobile phone use. Multimedia speakers provide a rich and powerful listening experience that could augment the audio quality to a realistic and surreal level. Sonic Gear’s leading multimedia speaker is the Morro 1 Ultra.

The Morro 1 Ultra features dual bass reflector technology, huge bass for more audio clarity, compact wooden cabinet, and in line wired controller. The design of this speaker is very simple, but at the same time captivating. What’s more captivating is that its price is really a treat.

Sonic Gear Malaysia: Trust Your Ears

Cutting edge yet affordable, these are the words that best describes the bearer of top notch audio equipment accessories in Southeast Asia – Sonic Gear. This Singaporean company has already developed a diverse range of products in the menu, which are crafted to give its users the most pleasing audio quality without asking for too much money. Apparently, the goal of Sonic Gear is to offer audio equipment and accessories that are more than the worth of the consumers’ money.