As timeless as romance itself, Solvil et Titus watches are simply beautifully crafted timepieces that symbolize enduring love and commitment. Read about Solvil et Titus Malaysia here.


Solvil et Titus Malaysia - Time Is Love

"Jewellery isn't really my thing, but I've always got my eye on people's watches."

- Clive Owen, famous English actor.

Boasting such long history of designing exquisite watches as well as leather goods, jewellery and electronics for timekeeping, Solvil et Titus is all about precision, quality and craftsmanship. Given the fact that there is oversaturation of luxury watches in the market, a lot of people can be really clueless when it comes to picking their own watches. However, the popularity and reputation of Solvil et Titus have been proven as it continues to attract growing numbers of collectors and enthusiasts alike to this day.

In addition, Solvil et Titus was founded by a famous watchmaker at that time, Paul Ditisheim. As a result, all of its watches bear such mechanical precision that you can expect from Paul Ditisheim's reputation of making Swiss quality watches. This is the precise reason of why people just prefer Solvil et Titus watches as they are crafted with the finest materials and craftsmanship available in the world.

Golden History Of Solvil et Titus Malaysia

Established since 1887 by Paul Ditisheim, Solvil et Titus was conceived when Paul Ditisheim named one of the watches as "Titus" after the famous Roman Emperor of the first century. As for Solvil, it was actually an abbreviation of Sonvilier which actually referred to that small village that was situated in Jura mountains in Switzerland. Such place was significant due to its factory that was famous for manufacturing watch components. Liking both names, Paul Ditisheim combined them and called the new watching line as Solvil et Titus. Luxury watch historians and collectors affectionately referred this moment as the beginning of golden era of luxury watches.

Earning the title as the mastermind of Swiss watch manufacturing, Paul Ditisheim played the major role of developing and raising a new generation of chronometers by enhancing extensively by utilizing his own knowledge regarding the effect of magnetic fields and atmospheric pressure. At the same time, he also introduced the affix balance in improving the performance as well. All of these inventions and innovations enabled him to create the most precise chronometer available at that time. Eventually, his efforts had been recognized when his watches had been awarded by both Kew and Neuchâtel Observatory contests in 1903. Both observatories were the few prominent observatories that were able to test the accuracy of timepiece movements. In 1912, Paul Ditisheim won the world's chronometric record of the Royal Kew Observatory.

However, Paul Ditisheim decided to give his Paul Ditisheim brands and Solvil et Titus to Paul Bernard Vogel in 1930. Being both entrepreneur and industry leader, Paul Bernand Vogel seemed to be at the best position in elevating Solvil et Titus to greater heights as he and his wife were actually related to prominent families of famous industrialists and watchmakers. After moving the base of operations to Geneva, Paul Bernand Vogel took the opportunity in expanding its operations. At the same time, he advertised Solvil et Titus watch collections at social events during his tenure as the chairman of Salon Montres et Bijoux or also known as Watch and Jewellery Fair.

After the Second World War, Paul Bernand Vogel noted that the mass market would take over the demand for exclusive goods. In order to adapt to such situation, Paul Bernand Vogel was planning to split the brand into two: one will continue making its famous luxury watches while the other has been geared towards manufacturing lower cost watches to cater to mass markets. Such arrangement enabled Solvil et Titus to be able to play its part in designing and developing both electronic and mechanical watches. During the 1970s, it proved to be the turning point of Solvil et Titus as it would be based in Hong Kong in order to grow its business in East Asia. After being successful in East Asia, Solvil et Titus would be divided again into two: its European side eventually part of Ebel while its Asian side still remains as Solvil et Titus. This event was unable to put a stop to plans of Solvil et Titus in being one of the leading luxury watch brands as it continued to grow stronger and bigger than ever.

Simply Exquisite & Elegant Timepieces

Benefiting from Paul Ditisheim's experience and knowledge in watchmaking, Solvil et Titus watches boast impressive qualities that will surprise, from its simple yet lavish construction to accurate watch movements. Such lovely timepieces are fine additions to anyone who loves to wear and collect luxury watches. It seems to be inconceivable that it is possible to take complex mechanical gears and pack them in a wonderfully crafted body and strap. Yet, Solvil et Titus makes this possible without any compromise in quality and performance.

Unlike other luxury watch brands, Solvil et Titus has a different marketing message instead of normally marketing luxury lifestyle. Based on the classic value of romance, Solvil et Titus wants its customers to appreciate love in the same way that they appreciate time. Using romance as its core, Solvil et Titus released series of romantic TV commercials that featured famous Hong Kong stars such as Chow Yun Fat, Anita Mui, Andy Lau and Dave Wang. These commercials are successful as they proved to be popular especially in Hong Kong and many people love Solvil et Titus watches because they symbolize eternal love and promise that stands against the test of time. At the same time, people still fondly remember Solvil et Titus advertisements as one of the great TV commercial classics to this day. Solvil et Titus still proudly carries the watch making tradition to this day.

Finest Solvil et Titus Malaysia Products That Will Impress You

Having a long history of making luxury watches means that Solvil et Titus boasts a large number of collections. From the classic Solvil et Titus La Collection de 1887 to the lavishly designed Solvil et Titus Diamond, you can take a look at the collections of Solvil et Titus watches for more choices that will suite your taste.
Despite being focused in manufacturing luxury timepieces, Solvil et Titus also diversifies and expands its expertise into producing accessories such as jewellery and sunglasses. Needless to say, you will find that its accessories are being crafted with the same high standards in watch making. As a result, you will be able to admire the exquisite Solvil et Titus accessories that are perfect as gift and fashion accessories as well.
Leather Goods
Entering into a collaboration with famous Japanese brand, Kanmi, Solvil et Titus partners with that brand in producing the finest leather handbags and other accessories. Not just that, they have been made with superior construction and craftsmanship so that you can match your Solvil et Titus watches with them.

Follow Your Dreams & Love Your Life With Solvil et Titus Malaysia

More than just a mere fashion statement or instrument that measures time, watches can be a gift or memento that will remind you about the greatest moment in life. In the case of Solvil et Titus, its watches often symbolize the promise of enduring love and commitment. As Solvil et Titus is all about following your dreams and loving your life, you will be inspired by its products.