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Solar Light Mart Malaysia - Let The Sun Light Up Your Night!

As our appetite for digital technology and experience grows exponentially, so too is our consumption of power. The value and potential of electricity have never been that important before when it comes to powering various electrical appliances and tech products in our homes, offices, schools and others. Thanks to acceleration of technology in making our lives easier and more convenient at the same time, we definitely own tons of electronic products. Needless to say, this also means that we are going to pay heavier prices for the our electrical bills. With such nagging concern in mind, we are forced to be more frugal when it comes to saving more money by reducing how we use our power.

However, what if there is a better alternative than resorting to such less efficient method? This is where Solar Light Mart comes into the picture as it offers solar-powered products which will not attract the attention of your dreaded electrical bill. Aside from saving significant power consumption which leads to lower electrical bill, you also get to reduce pollution while contributing to the well-being of the community and environment as well. Do not make the mistake of underestimating Solar Light Mart because even its products can light up your night!

Birth Of Solar Light Mart Malaysia

Like the birth of a mighty star in the vast darkness of space, Solar Light Mart is all about radiating with the purpose of promoting the warmth and wonders of solar power technology. Since 2007, Solar Light Mart has been committed in developing and manufacturing solar-powered products that can be adapted for a variety of purposes. It is pretty remarkable that Solar Light Mart managed to design and market extensive range of solar-powered products that have been widely praised to be efficient and economical as well.

Witness The Radiating Glory Of Solar Light Mart Malaysia

The solar power has been proven as one of the most popular alternative in getting your own power to empower other devices. However, the truth is that solar power technology has been around for a long time but its usage was prohibitively expensive and inefficient at the same time. However, such weakness is just a thing of the past as modern innovations have shaped and refined solar-powered products to be better, more efficient and cheaper as well. As many people still have yet to learn about the potential of solar-powered products, it is up to Solar Light Mart in promoting such awareness in utilizing the better alternative solution in powering your homes or workplaces. It also makes sure that its products meet the stringent requirements before being marketed to the public.

Not only, Solar Light Mart also emphasizes the importance of user-friendliness as all of its products are very simple to use. In fact, Solar Light Mart products are designed to be easy to install as well. When you follow the simple instructions that can be found in YouTube as well, anyone is able to install and use a Solar Light Mart product without much problem. This is possible because all of its products do not really wiring setups in order to use them. Thanks to these factors as well, it is really not that hard to see why people generally prefer Solar Light Mart products despite being available at affordable rate. At the end of day, you have come to the right brand when it comes to making solar-powered products that boast low maintenance costs. In short, you can save tons of money and effort as well as the world at the same time.

Top Solar Light Mart Malaysia Products That Change The Way You Live

Mini Omega Xtreme Solar Floodlight

Outfitted with 256 units of CREE high-powered LED solar floodlight, it enables Mini Omega Xtreme Solar Floodlight to be able to provide lighting that is up to 14 hours every night. Thanks to LED driver, these LED solar floodlights are able to perform consistently. You can use Mini Omega Extreme in providing general outdoor lighting, sign lighting, outdoor security lighting and others. Amazingly, it is also waterproof which means you do not have to worry about rain. Not just that, Mini Omega Xtreme is a solid product that is also compact and lightweight as well.

Solar Bradbury Lantern

Despite its graceful profile that makes it the top choice when it comes to decorating the front of your homes, Solar Bradbury Lantern is actually a robust design that uses tough ABS plastic construction. Basically, it is a solar-powered lantern. However, it is able to shine brighter that has been said to be 4 times brighter than its other rivals with its white LED light. In a single full charge, you can expect this Solar Bradbury Lantern to last about 8 hours. Not just that, it does not require any wiring setup as you need to recharge it first directly under the sun. As dusk comes, the real magic begins as the Solar Bradbury Lantern automatically shines.

Mini 8X Solar Wall Mount Deck Sconce

Being described as the most powerful wall light in the market, this Mini 8X Solar Wall Mount Deck Sconce illuminates with the brightness that has been said to be 8 times brighter. Surprisingly, this product boasts robust design as it uses tough metal and glass in its construction. A full charge will enable this product to last between 8 to 10 hours. You only need to recharge it under the sun and let it shine automatically once the night falls.

Leading More Efficient Lifestyle With Solar Light Mart Malaysia

As the solar technology is getting better and better these days, you can save money, power and environment at the same time. Solar Light Mart promotes and believe in the cause of adopting renewable energy products to everyone so that they can help reduce the pollution while preserving the environment. If you are searching for more specialized products for home and living, you can check Solar Light Mart home & living.