Providing you with good quality and affordable products, Sokano Malaysia is a brand you can trust. From fashion to home and living, the brand has a great selection of items that would make your life better and easier. Check out Sokano's best products in Malaysia or read more below.

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Must Have Lifestyle Products from Sokano Malaysia

If you are a big fan of shopping online, then Sokano Malaysia is a brand that you are familiar with. Providing you with affordable and good quality products, Sokano is a household name in fashion, outdoor, toys, travel, and home and living. Their huge selection of products has made them a powerhouse in the retail industry and a trusted name in the business. Here are some lifestyle items from Sokano Malaysia that would make life easier.


One of the brand's top finds in Malaysia, Sokano clothing takes you on a fashionable adventure in style and comfort. Specializing in both men's, women's and even kid's wear, Sokano is a brand you can trust in ready-to-wear fashion. Aside from clothing, you can also grab the hottest accessories from Sokano Trendz such as bags, jewellery, and shoes. Sportswear and underwear are also available from Sokano Malaysia.

Watches and Jewellery

Cater to your individual style with Sokano's exciting array of watches and jewellery at an affordable price! You don't have to spend a lot of money to look good. The brand has a great selection of watches for men and women as well as jewellery ranging from earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and so much more! If you are looking for accessories that would match your #OOTD, choose Sokano Malaysia.

Sports and Outdoor

Never miss out on your adventures with Sokano's collection of sports and outdoor products. Enjoy the great outdoors with the brand's great collection of backpacks, tents, and other camping supplies. You can also check out their array of sports equipment and sportswear. Always be active and get ready to take on a challenge with Sokano.

Travel and Luggage

If you love to travel but want to save up on your trip, then Sokano Malaysia has the perfect products for you. The brand has an exciting collection of affordable luggage, travel kits, and electronics. Keep your items safe and secure with their great selection of hard-case luggage as well as duffel bags and backpacks. Organizers are also available from the brand as well as handroll vacuum compression bags to help you store your items and make room for more. Moreover, you can also grab a couple of neck pillows and travel kits to make your journey more comfortable.

Health and Beauty

Your needs will always be a priority for Sokano Malaysia, especially in the health and beauty category. Always look your best with the brand's array of shapewear and slimming products. Aside from that, you can also grab the best massagers, hair and makeup tools, and so much more! Sokano helps you take care of yourself.

Toys, Kids, and Babies

As parents, we want the best for our kids in all aspects of their childhood, from the toys they play to their clothes, carriers, strollers, bottles, and so much more. From pregnancy to birth, you can trust Sokano with their array of mommy care and baby gear products. The brand also has a wide selection of toys and puzzles that would enhance your child's imagination and creativity. Made from top quality and non-hazardous materials, Sokano Malaysia will take care of your toddlers and make their childhoods more memorable.

Home and Living

Home is where the heart is, so make your house warm and welcoming with the brand's selection of home and living products. Organize your living spaces with storage spaces, racks, and organizers. Make cleaning more efficient with Sokano's array of cleaning materials such as mops, and rugs. Small appliances and kitchen pots and pans are also available for your kitchen needs. Aside from that, bed covers, small furniture, decorative items, and lighting are also available from the brand.

Why choose Sokano


Among the best reasons why a lot of people love Sokano Malaysia is their affordable price range. You can get the best items online from Sokano and still be within your budget. Whether fashion and lifestyle or home and living, you can always grab the best deals from Sokano.

Good Quality

Aside from being the choice brand for affordable products, you can also get good quality items from Sokano Malaysia. The brand always ensure that they are providing the best for their customers through extensive quality checks and responsible manufacturing processes.

Brand New Products

Another reason why Sokano is a choice for online shoppers in Malaysia is their exciting selection of new products every week. New gadget or appliance coming out? Sokano has you covered.

Live the lifestyle that you have always wanted with Sokano Malaysia! Grab the brand's best items at iPrice!