When it comes to makeup and cosmetics, nothing beats the Japanese in delivering the best formula for Asian skin. Sofina Malaysia brings you the hottest Japanese makeup that would give enhance, and highlight your beauty. Scroll down below for the best beauty items from Sofina or click here to know how to get that JPOP look!

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Sofina Malaysia - Bringing you Perfection in Beauty

Perfection is what the Japanese is all about when it comes to health and beauty. Sofina Malaysia offers a great deal of cosmetics and beauty products that would enhance your beauty. From face, skin care, and makeup, you can trust Sofina to give you the best Japanese beauty formulas that not only highlights your skin but also provides a natural glow inside and out. From your basic makeup needs such as foundations, lip care, blush, mascara, to beauty needs such as makeup removers, hand creams, serums, moisturizers, and cleansers, Sofina guarantees perfectly glowing skin in no time.

Japanese Beauty with Sofina Malaysia

Sofina is one of Japan’s most trusted products when it comes to cosmetics and other beauty items. Since 1982, it has been a favorite amongst many women because of their physiological approach to beauty. The brand is driven by a philosophy that every woman deserves personalized skin and beauty care, offering safe and effective products that would give them confidence that they desire. This is why for 34 years, Sofina has been continuing to create a great deal of beauty items that would suit each woman’s skin type and deliver the best results.

About Kao Corporation

Behind Sofina’s great successes in the beauty industry is Kao Corporation based in Japan. The company is behind big beauty brands in the country such as Kanebo, Molton Brown, Biore, Jergens, Ascience, Goldwell, and John Frieda all focusing on health and beauty products such as skin care, hair care, makeup, and more! Kao Corporation strives for for wholehearted customer satisfaction, enriching people’s lives and taking heavy consideration of their customers.

Sofina products that you should have in your beauty bag

With an industry experience of 34 years, it is no surprise that Sofina has become a household name in beauty products. If you need to revamp your beauty bag, then here are some basic cosmetic products that you should have from Sofina.


Providing basic coverage for your face, a foundation is a must-have for every beauty afficionado out there. It can help conceal dark spots, acne scars, and even wrinkles to help highlight your other features. Sofina has an excellent line of foundations from compact to liquid that would give you more glowing skin.

Lipstick and lipgloss

Among the many things that you should have on your beauty bag is lipstick, lipgloss or any form of lip care. This helps you hydrate your lips and enhance its color, making you more captivating than ever. When it comes to lip products, Sofina offers a great range of lipsticks and lipgloss in varying shades that would suit your skin tone.


Another must-have for your beauty bag, concealers enables you to provide full coverage on your unwanted features, making them invisible when fully applied. You can cover up your acne scars, dark spots, wrinkles, and many more using the right concealer for your skin tone. Sofina has a great line of spot concealers in several shades of nude which definitely would give you the coverage you need.


Your beauty bag is never complete without a mascara. A mascara can give volume to your eyelashes and help highlight your eyes. If you are looking for the perfect mascara, try out Sofina’s Aube Couture mascara which would look perfect on you, along with other Sofina products.

How to get that JPOP look with Sofina Cosmetics

Music, animation and the Internet paved the way for JPOP or Japanese pop to be popular, not only across the country but around the world. Acts like Kyaru Pamyu Pamyu and AKB-48 are among the many prime movers of the genre, with their exciting dance moves, the fashion, and most importantly - makeup. JPOP makeup is described to be over-the-top and crazy, utilizing different cosmetic accessories to achieve such a look.

When it comes to JPOP makeup, the eyes are usually of the emphasis, making it bigger and bolder with the use of contact lenses, eyeliner, shadow, fake lashes, pigments, and often tapes to help make the eyes look bigger. Sofina offers a great deal of eye make up such as the Sofina mascara, liquid eyeliners and pencil to create that bolder, more daring eyes.

Having fair skin is a plus when it comes to the JPOP makeup but if you don’t have that type of skin tone, you can still achieve it by making your other features smoother using foundation and concealers. Sofina has a selection of foundations in shades that would suit Asian skin from darker to lighter tones. With Sofina, porcelain smooth skin is something you can achieve.

When it comes to getting that JPOP look, nothing beats a Japanese brand like Sofina. Dedicated to create the best beauty and makeup items, you will love Sofina’s excellent selection of cosmetics from foundations, lip care, concealers, blush, mascara, and other makeup items that you should have in your beauty bag.