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ixed Fruit 250gr
Mix Fruit of Dry Fruits Mix Fruit the earliest recorded mention of Dry Fruits are found in Mesopotamian tablets, oldest known famous written recipes. Most of the water is extracted from Dry Fruits, their nutrients are condensed into a small package. Dry Fruits contains little to no fat. Eating a combination of dried Mix Fruit such as this one can deliver a large variety of nutrients. A set of fruits provides more vitamins and minerals than you ll get from any one kind of fruit. This is important because many antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals are more effective when taken in combination. Mix Fruit provides an excellent source of dietary fiber in both essential forms: Soluble fiber controls blood sugar and reduces bad cholesterol levels. Mix Fruit improves nutrient absorption to ensure your body. As benefits from the vitamins and minerals naturally occurring in the fruit. Insoluble fiber is vital for a healthy digestive system. And also provides a sense of fullness.A great way to prevent cardiovascular problems, Dry Fruits and nuts help reduce the risk of coronary heart problems. Nuts such as cashews contain mono-unsaturated fats that promote cardiovascular health. While pistachios contain vitamin B6 that prevents heart problems, dates protect us from atherosclerosis, which is a major cause of strokes. Considered as a rich source of potassium, vitamin A, fiber, and copper. Prunes help in maintaining high energy levels. While cashews with high copper concentration help in energy production. Almonds in particular, assist in the formation of new blood cells. And they are extremely effective in maintaining and improving hemoglobin level. Mix Fruit with minimal processing contain the highest amount of antioxidants. However, antioxidants still remain in Dry Fruits and Mix Fruit. Some antioxidants include phenolic acids, flavonoids. It is the anthocyanin that provides pigment to supply Cranberry with their robust red color. The added sugar can be a drawback for this product. Essentially, the sugar is added to improve texture, water content, and to reduce tartness.Dried cranberries made with less sugar may be helpful for individuals with Type 2 Diabetes.Because less sugar is added, there is a lower glycemic index and thus less of an insulin response occurs.Although, this has not been the case in recent studies of participants with higher response times on glycemic intake/glucose output testing batteries
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Shop: Ann Healthy Organic Shop Miracle Super Wild Honey 天然特级野山蜂蜜 515ml
Miracle Super Wild Honey collects from Peninsular Malaysia Tahan Mountain aboriginal forest. The signs of human habitation are rare among the mountain range, no air pollute in clean forest. Bees are collecting honeys in a clean and natural environment; Miracle Super Wild Honey beehives are building above 100meter trees. Miracle Super Wild Honey contains royal honey, propolis, bee pollen, vitamins mineral and enzyme. Miracle Super Wild Honey is pure in quality, contains no sugar, preservatives and any additives. Its nutrition is seven times more than home bees. Miracle Super Wild Honey is the best honey on earth, it helps to maintain good health, rejuvenates, improve skin condition, improve digestion, strengthen immune system, increase stamina, and maintain beautiful skin complexion and it contains natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Improve menopause, hormones imbalance, constipation, hypertension, insomnia, amnesia, bronchitis, influenza and hemorrhoids. Also be applied on burn, ulcer, irritated skin and wound. Helps prevent heart diseases, osteoporosis, kidney failure, pimples, arthritis, cancer and diabetic .It also helps to slimming body. Miracle Super Wild Honey is most suitable for you and your family as a daily health supplement drink. It is recommended to consume daily for twice at during morning and night; Ideal use amount for adult is 60G, children are 30G and infant less than 12 month is not suitable to consume with any honey. 神奇特级野山蜂蜜是世界上最好的蜂蜜,具有天然活性营养,功效比养蜂高出7倍。恢复青春活力,消除更年期症状。外敷抹在烧伤、烫伤、刀伤处可促进肌肤重生。 建议使用方式: 将30gm的神奇天然特级野山蜂蜜与300ml的水稀释,即可饮用。一天2次。
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