SMOK is one of the world’s leading brand when it comes to smoking technology and innovation; it’s a subsidiary of the ShenZen IVPS Technology Co Limited, one of the very few companies that have invested in research and manufacturing of E-cigarettes. The headquarter of Smok Technology is in ShenZhen, China; it is also the main source of supply for e-cigarettes in the world. Smok is the e-cigarette brand that revolutionized smoking. Read here to know more!


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Smok Malaysia: The New Way To Enjoy Smoking

The brand has been established in 2010, from a mere research facility for electronic cigarettes since its rise, Smok has now established a company that provides an overall product support and sales to its consumers. They have been tagged as innovative because of their high-quality products that provide safe and pleasurable vaping/smoking experience, and their customer support is outstanding at providing the best solutions to their customers. Despite being a product oriented company, their belief is deeply rooted in the philosophy that “Success Stars Where It Ends: The Customers.”

The Smok Experience

Smok Malaysia is a very dedicated company when it comes to research and development of smoking technologies. With that being said, they have currently released a series of products that greatly influenced the whole tobacco and cigarette industry. Say goodbye to cigarettes as you say hello to vapes!

Smok’s Dual coils cartomizer is the technology that paved the way for vaping industry into the Dual Coil Times and telescopic Mechanical MOD scene. Aside from that, currently they have just created the first ever personal Bluetooth vaporizer, the SMOK BEC Pro. With such record-breaking innovation that they create in every milestone that they reach, it is no wonder why they are hailed as the leading brand in the E-cigarette industry.

SMOK Malaysia is dedicated to providing their customers a whole new smoking experience to customers, on which is as safe as it is pleasurable. Their products are designed to provide more vapor and taste, which is the source of rice and elegant vaping experience.

The Future of Smoking

Smok Malaysia has a wide range of vapes aka e-cigarettes. They come in different sizes and shapes, despite providing the same quality taste, these different vapes come in different varieties in order to provide a more personalized experience to its users; each comes in a different form because each of them has their unique build and functions. Below are some of the famous vapes from Smok technology:

Stick One

The Stick One vape from Smok is one of the most prominent product from the brand, simply because it’s the most lightweight and most compact among then all. The Stick One is a simple looking pen style vape, which pays homage to the body and design of the classic tobacco. The StickOne just like all other e-cigarettes runs with a battery. It boasts a simplistic design, but it gives out a perfect taste and a reliable performance.


The Guardian kit from Smok is another masterpiece from the brand. This series of vapes is inspired from smoking pipes that are patronized mostly by the older population. The Guardian Series sports a big OLED display, which shows how users how much they have already puffed, and features Bluetooth 4.0 technology. The Guardian kit from Smok Malaysia is outstanding in terms in every way.

Cloud Machine

An unmatched match, the cloud machine kit is the vape that sports the most powerful temperature control mod paired with an elegant looking refill tank. The temperature control feature of this vape can help the users avoid dry burning, produce a smooth and light smoke for a better airflow, and a better taste. The set-up of the cloud machine is unconventional, thus making it stand out in terms of performance, providing its users a unique vaping experience.

Micro One

This kit from Smok holds the same shape as the cloud machine, the only difference is, it is more compact and very pocket-friendly. It sports a rubberized finish which comes in 4 elegant colors: Night black, passion red, silver, and white. Its rubberized finish contributes to its shiny look and soft feel. Aside from that, it cutting edge features are the following:

  • Intelligent Atomizer Recognition
  • Puff Monitoring
  • 12 Seconds Cut-Off
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Over-heating Protection
  • Low Battery Warning
  • R40 One

The Micro One kit is designed to cater to beginners and enthusiasts. It sports a very compact size, making it easy for users to slip it inside their pockets, and carry it around with them anywhere. It runs with a 1900mAh battery, allowing you to enjoy vaping all throughout the day with just a single charge. Aside from that, it features all the basics from a Smok technology vape like the puff monitoring, battery indicator, low battery warning, and the likes.

Say goodbye to cigarettes and enjoy a lavish smoking experience with Smok Technology e-cigarettes and vapes.