School is the most important part of a child’s life so as parents, we need to do everything to make the experience a breeze. You can help lift their load with stationery and accessories from Smiggle Malaysia. With these products, your child will be part is the Smiggle squad which can make learning much more fun. Read more about Smiggle Malaysia below.


Be a Part of the Squad with Best-Sellers From Smiggle Malaysia

Smiggle is an Australian stationery brand founded in 2003. The brand now operates worldwide with more than 200 retail stores across Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, China, Ireland, Singapore, Malaysia, and more. Smiggle Malaysia is popular among school children from 5 to 14 years old. Smiggle stationery is famous for its fun and vibrant design that can increase the children’s motivation to study with their fun pencils, bags, and other accessories.

Smiggle Bags

Your child’s school bag is as important as what’s inside; without them, your child won’t be able to carry their books and other stationery to the school properly. If your child wants something functional yet fun, chose a Smiggle backpack in the color and design that they fancy. For your little princess with the modern needs, get her the Smiggle Sparkle Go Girl Backpack. This backpack follows the current fashion trends but is still appropriate for school wear. The dimension of this Smiggle backpack is 40 x 35 x 12 cm and it comes with a drawstring enclosure with a magnetic fastening, adjustable straps, and 2 outer pockets.

Looking for something bolder for your boys? You can get the Smiggle Premium Hardtop Backpack. Available in black (and also purple for your daughters), the Premium Hardtop Backpack has chest straps in addition to the adjustable straps, 6 zipped compartments to safe keep their valuables, as well as padded laptop pocket guarded by protective feet on the base.

Smiggle Writing Tools

Any stationery brand is not complete without high-quality writing tools that will elevate your studying or working sessions. Smiggle Malaysia offers various writing tools and miscellaneous accessories to elevate your children’s study sessions like novelty pens and pencils, pencil cases, journals, diaries, and more.

If you’re unsure what to get your child for their school stationery, you can choose one of the Smiggle writing packs which come with a variety of writing tools. Like the Scented Basic Kit, for example, which includes a 30cm ruler, sharpener, 4 scented pencils, scented icon keychain, and a bubble pen. You can safely keep these scented stationeries inside one of Smiggle pencil cases. You can choose between hard pencil cases, soft pencil cases, fun pencil cases, or pop out pencil cases.

Smiggle Wearables and Toys

Smiggle Malaysia understands that some children seek more than just basic stationery and other school accessories. That’s why they have an entire line for jewelry and fun accessories like wallets, keychains, lanyards, and even makeup and fashion items which include lip balms, sunglasses, and their own Smiggle watches. The Smiggle jewelry collection comprises earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, hair accessories, and various gift sets. These gift sets from Smiggle Malaysia is perfect if your not-so-little ones are having their birthdays or to celebrate their achievements.

Aside from the wearables, Smiggle also offers fun items as well as toys ranging from DIY kits, activity books, puzzles, slimes, and various items for outdoor activities. For example, one of the items under this Smiggle Malaysia category is the Goo Loo. It’s a toilet-shaped toy that involves popping the slime included inside that your child can pop to mimic the sound of a person passing gas. Another fun item from this category is the DIY Fluffy Friend that your daughters can make and decorate by herself so she can have her own self-made cuddly buddy.

Smiggle Time and Tech

Children these days are highly tech-savvy and they can’t be separated from their smartphones, laptops, or tablets. Luckily for your tech-savvy children, Smiggle Malaysia offers items like lights, clocks, headphones, speakers, and cases for their smartphones, tablets, or laptops. All of these items are designed to follow the latest trends while maintaining the child-like fun with its bright colors and fun patterns.

This Smiggle category includes various home and living items as well. If your child is still in need of a night light when they go to sleep, look to Smiggle Malaysia to give you the options of fun lights and lamps. For example, Smiggle offers lights in the shape of a ballerina’s foot as well as her ballet slippers for your daughters and a football sneakers lamp for your sons.

With the hundreds of Smiggle stores across the world and its online shop, you can easily purchase some of Smiggle’s best-sellers so that your children can be part of the cool kids’ squad at school. Luckily for all parents, products from Smiggle Malaysia are affordable and they hold frequent sales so you can get your children all the stationery and accessories they need.

Smiggle Frequently Asked Questions

Is there Smiggle in Malaysia?

Yes! There are several Smiggle outlets scattered across the country. Here are the outlets you can visit to get your little ones their Smiggle fix.

  • Parkson One Utama
  • Empire Shopping Gallery
  • Setia City Mall
  • Sunway Putra
  • Paradigm Mall
  • MyTown Shopping Center
  • Berjaya Times Square
  • Parkson KK Imago
  • Parkson Viva City
  • Parkson The Spring

Alternatively, you can also buy Smiggle products online through its online store, trusted merchants like Lazada and Shopee, and right here on iPrice!

Why is Smiggle so popular?

There’s a lot of brands out there that offer the same products that Smiggle does. However, Smiggle prides itself on being an exemplary brand that focuses not only on sales but also on communities. Fans of Smiggle would feel a sense of belonging when they purchase a product from this Australian stationery brand.

Where are Smiggle products made?

Smiggle products are developed and designed in Australia. The brand has expanded its presence by opening stores in New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom.

Can I use a Smiggle gift card online?

Certainly! If you have a physical Smiggle gift card, you can use them with your purchases online. You may also buy a gift card on the online store as well. Keep in mind that gift cards and other products cannot be bought in the same transaction.