Smart TV is all the rage these days; with the rise of video streaming on Youtube, Netflix, and the likes, smart TVs are a necessity for your home. Skyworth Android TV offers all the specifications of a smart TV without the high price point. They are affordable and reliable, making them accessible to all households in Malaysia. Read more about Skyworth Malaysia in the article below.


Skyworth Malaysia Frequently Asked Questions

Does Skyworth TV have Netflix?

Skyworth smart TV is compatible with a variety of apps on the internet. This includes Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Internet browsers, and App Store.

Is Skyworth Malaysia Google certified?

Since Skyworth TVs are Android televisions, it is recognized and certified by Google. It also has a built-in Chromecast to make casting from your device to your TV easier.

Does Skyworth TV have Bluetooth?

Yes, Skyworth TV sets support various external devices like wireless mice, wireless keyboards, USB, game controllers, and more. You can pair all these devices through the Bluetooth function located in the main setting.

Are Skyworth TVs any good?

Considering its price point, Skyworth TV sets do not sacrifice performance. It is on par with other major brands of televisions like LG, Samsung, Panasonic, and Toshiba. Skyworth smart TV is able to showcase all the same settings as an LG TV would.

Who makes Skyworth TVs?

Skyworth is a Chinese brand that focuses on designing, manufacturing, and distributing televisions. Founded in 1988, it is headquartered in Shenzhen, China with subsidiaries in the United States, British Virgin Island, Norway, Singapore, and Inner Mongolia.

Is Skyworth the same as Toshiba?

Skyworth is a Chinese electronics brand while Toshiba has origins in Japan. In terms of quality, both are similar when it comes to specs and features. However, Toshiba’s TVs might cost more than Skyworth.

Can I buy Skyworth TV online?

Yes, you can purchase Skyworth television sets online through merchants like Shopee, Lazada, Harvey Norman, and Senheng. This is highly beneficial for those who want to shop from the comfort of their own homes. Browse the iPrice catalogue for the latest Skyworth TV.

What is the Skyworth Malaysia TV price?

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