If your blackheads and enlarged pores are causing you to lose self-confidence, get Skinmiso pore beauty nose pack that have been sold over 2 million pieces and regain your confidence! Learn more here.


Remove blackheads and get the complete pore care with Skinmiso now available at iprice Malaysia

The pore expert, Skinmiso is one of the top beauty brands from South Korea that specialized in pore care. Our skin consists of many pores that allow our skin to breathe and excrete sweat to regulate the temperature of our body. It is important to have clean, clear skin and poreless looking skin especially at the face. Blackheads, whiteheads and enlarged pore at the nose are many people’s concern.

With the rising rate of air pollution, more dust and soot in the air, our skin is constantly exposed to impurities that will clog our fine pores. And when pores have impurities, ugly blackheads will emerge and you will start to feel the surface of the nose to be uneven with little irritating bumps which will then turn into black coloured clogged pores.

Many will then resort to squeezing these ugly pores to get rid of the impurities without realising that this method if not done correctly will further damage the epidermis of the skin and may even cause even larger exposed pores (inviting even more exposure to impurities to enter the pores). With Skinmiso products, users will be exposed to the correct way of handling pore treatment to remove impurities without excessively strength and squeezing.

Skinmiso for all your pore problems

A Korean cosmetic brand that focuses on pore health, Skinmiso makes products that focuses on pore problems and exfoliation (eliminating dead skin cells). The secret to having flawless skin is not only the basics of skincare, but also effective dead skin cells management. When dead skin cells are eliminated, then your skin will naturally feel cleaner and fresher, let your pores breathe easily with Skinmiso!

Skinmiso has the expertise of 5 kind of skincare experts that includes dermatologists, aesthetic professionals, pharmacists, doctors of traditional oriental medicine and cosmetic developers. With the combination of the five professions knowledge, Skinmiso is the brand for your complete pore care.

Traditionally, we are so used to remove impurities using nose strips or squeezing with fingertips, tweezers to get rid of stubborn blackheads, but with current advancement in cosmetic science, there is now a better, painless way to deal with blackheads. Old ways also tend to do more harm than good as they can expand pore size and leave potential new acnes or even cause permanent scars on skin in some bad cases.

Reoccurring blackhead is a vicious circle that Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack is created to help you remove blackheads painlessly and without making pore size bigger.

Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack

Available in packs of 10 weeks or 4 weeks, Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack is the brand’s top selling product that has helped many people revive healthier looking pore. A 3-step set that is recommended to be used once a week, the product works in three main ways to combat blackheads:

Step 1 — Remove Black and Whiteheads by cleansing and removing sebum which are leading cause of enlarged pores using various eco-friendly plant derived extracts. Just apply this Step 1 nose pack on the nose area after cleansing. (if there are excess fluids in the packet, wet a cotton piece with the fluid and swipe on chin area that tend to have excessive sebum production)
Wait for 10 minutes and remove the nose pack. The nose pack would have melt skin sebum in your nose area, now you can proceed and use Skinmiso Comedo Blackhead Remover to lightly push out excess sebum and impurities in the pores. You will find it very easy and painless.
Step 2 — Converge pores and relaxes pores, this Step 2 nose pack filled with With Hazel leaf extract shall be placed on nose area after you have rinse off all excreted sebum. Let it sit for 15 minutes as the mask essence contracts and tightens up opened pores. The mask will also calm pores (returning your pores to its original size) and reduce irritation (so you won’t become Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer after using the mask).
Step 3 — Prevent sebum and controls oil excretion by applying the Sebum, Oil, Pore control Essence. This small bottle essence will absorb oil and regulate sebum excretion. Your nose will feel soft like silk once you’ve completed all three steps.

*When using Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack, it is possible to feel a bit of sting. If whenever you feel acute pain or excessive stinging/burning, do shorten the application time as the mask essence might be too strong for your skin for an extended period of time.

Best-selling Skinmiso products

Besides the famous and popular Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack, Skinmiso also has three other products that will help you maintain good pore health. Here are the products:

Skinmiso Spot Repairing Serum

A spot treatment serum that will help get rid of red or dark spots, pimple scars and redness in the skin. Ingredients like plant WCPGA complex help to soothe trouble acne spots. This spot treatment serum also creates a protective layer on the skin to protect and ceil your trouble acne spot away from the outer environment, providing better treatment.

Skinmiso Zero Night Cream

Enjoy the ultimate care with this 7-in-1-night cream that effectively tightens and minimizes the size of pores while whitening the skin while you enjoy a good night’s sleep. Pore Zero Night Cream is made to hydrate, calm, whiten, control, prevent, tighten, and restore your skin’s natural vitality.

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