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SKINFOOD *Clearance* Yuja Water C Emulsion (160ml)
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Treatments: Brightening, Whitening, Soothing, Hydrating. The product is suitable - For all skin types; - If you have a “fake” oily skin, which mean oily on surface but dehydrated underneath; - If your skin looks dull or having uneven skin tone; - If you like to have lightweight moisturizing cream or emulsion. Yuja, is also known as ‘‘citron’’. It has 3 times more vitamin C than lemon. Vitamin C is essential to the body’s production of collagen. Yuja Water C Emulsion contains of Goheung organic yuja extract and essential oil that contributes to restoring skin’s oil-moisture balances. It is a hydrating emulsion that locks moisture into skin for soft and glowing appearance. The emulsion promotes skin’s whitening and brightening effect, soothes and moisturizes rough skin. Besides, by using yuja essential oil, the product comes with soft refreshing citron fragrance that helps to relax minds and skin! HOW TO USE: Apply after toner and treatment (serum, essence or ampoule), pour adequate amount onto palm and apply gently on to face with outward motion. *Use together with Yuja Water C Toner & Yuja Water C Whithening Ampoule in Serum for better result. #skinfood #yuja #emulsion #whitening #brightening #soothing #moisturizing #refreshing #skincare #kbeauty #korea #authentic 治疗:亮白,美白,舒缓,保湿。 该产品推荐于 - 所有肤质; - 如果你有一个“假的”油性肌肤,意旨油性的表面,但在皮下组织干燥缺水; - 如果你的肌肤看起来暗淡无光或肤色不均匀; - 如果你喜欢轻量保湿霜或乳液。 Yuja,也被称为“柚子”。它的维生素C比柠檬多3倍。维生素C对人体胶原蛋白的生成至关重要。 Yuja水C乳液含有高兴有机竹叶提取物和精油,有助于恢复肌肤的油脂平衡。它是一种保湿乳液,能将水分锁入肌肤,使肌肤柔软光滑。 乳液促进皮肤的美白和增白作用,舒缓和滋润粗糙的肌肤。此外,通过使用yuja精油,产品具有清爽的香橼清香,有助于放松头脑和肌肤! 如何使用: 在爽肤水和精华液后,取适量得保湿液,轻轻地涂抹于面部并由内向外滑动。 *为取得更好的效果请一起使用Yuja Water C Toner 和 Yuja Water C Whithening Ampoule in Serum.

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