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LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask 10 Stores
【SALES】 LANEIGE NEW Water Sleeping Mask (Original) 15ml*1pcs Product Description 1. Hydrates and Locks in Moisture Contains ionized mineral water and ceramides to deliver intense doses of moisture to stressed, parched skin overnight while forming a moisturizing film over skin to lock in active ingredients from skincare treatments. 2. Brightens and Purifies Infused with apricot and evening primrose extracts, the mask helps to gently exfoliate and brighten skin over time. 3. Soothes and Relaxes Contains Sleepscent™, an aromatic blend of ylang ylang, rose, sandalwood oil and orange flower, to relax the body and mind, promoting deep sleep and enhancing skin’s recovery abilities. Volume 15ml * 1pcs How to use Apply appropriate amount on the skin and smooth over it. 每朝醒來肌膚都水潤飽滿的秘密 肌膚每日備受環境侵害,變得粗糙暗黃。 LANEIGE深信夜間護膚的重要性,選擇合適產品,把握夜間黃金修復期,排走日間積累的毒素。 水亮補濕睡眠面膜 肌膚於夜間需要更密集的修護,升級水亮補濕睡眠面膜,於晚間排走日間積累毒素,為肌膚紓緩減壓。每朝醒來肌膚都純淨如初、水潤亮澤。 水亮補濕睡眠面膜4大特點! 你的肌膚得到充分休息嗎?秘密在於晚間重點修護! 1. 淨化肌膚: 水源排毒科技Sleeptox™,於夜間發揮淨化修護功效,保持肌膚最佳狀態 水源排毒科技Sleeptox™科技於睡眠時排走日間累積毒素,修復受損肌膚,一覺醒來,肌膚水亮飽滿。 * 水源排毒科技Sleeptox™ :激活排毒基因,重塑肌膚,促進深層排毒淨化。於睡眠時回復肌膚最佳狀態,倦容一掃而空,翌日醒來,肌膚純淨健康,充滿神采。 2. 潤澤肌膚: MOISTURE WRAP™ 整夜為肌膚不停注入水份 Beta-glucan補濕屏障,蘊含Hydro Ion Mineral Water、月見草精華、罕薩山杏精華等活性因子,加倍補濕鎖水,整夜為肌膚注入養份,肌膚彷如飽睡8小時,充滿健康神采。 3. 舒緩肌膚:蘊含舒緩鎮靜因子,賦予一整夜的溫和修護 配方溫和安全,可於睡眠時使用。不堵塞毛孔,通過過敏性測試。 4. 甜睡配方Sleepscent™有助入眠 LANEIGE 水亮補濕面膜特別加入AMOREPACIFIC獨創的SLEEPSCENT™舒緩香氛,蘊含玫瑰、橙花、依蘭、檀香等天然草本成分,讓肌膚真正全面放鬆,啟動自我再生修護。 Read more
Innisfree Bija Cica Balm 5 Stores
INNISFREE BIJA CICA BALM 7 ml This gel-type balm relieves & repairs troubled skin while protecting it against external irritants. WHAT IT IS 1. Centella asiatica 4X* for intensive troubled skin care Formulated with centella asiatica 4X, a high-purity refined substance, repairs damaged skin by providing intensive care. *Centella asiatica 4X contains madecassoside, madecassic acid, asiaticoside and asiatic acid. These four key ingredients offer intensive care for skin concerns. 2. Bija oil and D-panthenol for a healthy-looking skin Bija oil protects skin with its antibacterial & regenerating effect, while D-panthenol reinforces skin barrier. 3. ‘Mild cica care’ with 90% naturally-derived ingredients It contains 90% natural ingredients Free of ‘20 Synthetic Cosmetic Ingredients to Avoid’ designated by Hwahae, Korea's cosmetic ingredients analysis. (Source on the 20 synthetic cosmetic ingredients to avoid: Secret of Korean Cosmetic Products written by Lee Eun-ju) 4. Safe for sensitive and acne-prone skin It is safe for acne-prone skin as it has passed the non-comedogenic test (IEC KOREA, 4-week test) with the test result showed that it will not cause acne on skin. Test Agency: IEC KOREA Test Duration: November 1, 2016~November 29, 2016 (for 4 weeks) Test Subject: 20 females 5. 6-free system No Parabens, No Animal Ingredients, No Synthetic Colors, No Mineral Oils, No Fragrance, No Imidazolidinyl Urea HOW TO USE Apply evenly on the face before using cream. For spots care, apply a thick layer on the affected area. EXPIRED DATE : 10/2020 #innisfree #innisfreemalaysia #innisfreereadystock #innisfreeoriginal #innisfreebijacicabalm #innisfreebijacica Read more
Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask 6 Stores
we are selling 100% authentic product only Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask 20ml each sheet Product Feature Its Real Squeeze Mask for moisturizing, whitening, trouble care and wrinkle care. Contains Jeju green complex those are Jeju green tea, tangerine, cactus, camellia leaves and orchid. Mask fits well onto the face. Its triple layered sheet maintains essence into the mask for comparatively long and helps deliver the essence onto the skin effectively. How to Use 1. After face wash, apply toner. 2. Place a mask onto the face with the exception of lip and eyeas. 3. Leave the mask for 10-20 minutes, remove it and pat the leftover essence with fingers for better absorption. Cautions Keep out of reach of children. Avoid keeping this product under hot temperature. For External use only. Stop using if irritations or redness appears. Quantity: (1 Sheet of Each Type) Cucumber : provides abundant moisture to dry skin. Bamboo : quenches the thirst of skin and keeps skin moisturized for a dewy look. Golden Kiwi : moisturizes skin to leave it feeling and looking smooth, clear and bright. Black Berry : is full of nutrients to protect and keep skin looking healthy. Rice : helps dull skin look clear and bright. Acai Berry : is full of nutrients to keep skin looking firmer and smoother. Aloe : moisturizes and refreshes tired skin. Green Tea : moisturizes skin from deep within for a dewy look. Shea Butter : delivers moisture deep into dry and parched skin. Strawberry : leaves skin looking smooth and bright. Pomegranate : leaves skin feeling firm and supple. Tea Tree : helps with the appearance of skin problems while keeping skin moisturized and clean. Bija : helps with the appearance of skin problems while keeping it moisturized and clean. Lemon Lime : leaves skin looking bright and clear. Manuka Honey : moisturizes dry and stiff skin for a dewy look. Rose : leaves skin looking smooth and radiant. Innisfree It's Real Squeeze Mask 各款式及功效: 【Cucumber 青瓜/黃瓜】 富含鮮榨的青瓜成分,為乾枯肌膚補充豐富水分的真萃面膜 【Aloe 蘆薈】 含有鮮榨的蘆薈成分,為疲憊的肌膚供給豐富的水分,鎮定舒緩肌膚的真萃面膜 【Green Tea 綠茶】 以鮮榨的綠茶成分,為乾枯肌膚補充豐富水分的真萃面膜 【Rose 玫瑰】 以香味撩人的鮮榨玫瑰,打造光澤滑嫩肌膚的真萃面膜 【Manuka Honey 麥蘆卡蜂蜜】 含有豐富營養的麥蘆卡蜂蜜,使乾燥的肌膚恢復潤澤的真萃面膜 【Strawberry 士多啤梨/草莓】 以新鮮榨取的士多啤梨清爽水分,製成的美白功能性面膜,打造晶瑩剔滑嫩肌膚的真萃面膜 【Bija 榧子/香榧】 含清新的榧子油成分,打造乾淨明亮肌膚的真萃面膜 【Tea Tree 茶樹】 含茶樹成分,散發醇厚木質清香,打造乾淨明亮肌膚的真萃面膜 【Bamboo 竹子】 擁有舒緩乾枯肌膚功效的竹子,供給肌膚豐富水分,使肌膚潤澤明亮的真萃面膜 【Black Berry 黑莓】 以鮮榨黑莓的豐富養分,製成的抗皺功能性面膜,打造童顏美肌的真萃面膜 【Kiwi 奇異果】 以鮮榨奇異果的清爽水分,打造晶瑩剔透肌膚的真萃面膜 【Shea Butter 乳木果油】 以保濕效果驚人的乳木果油深入肌膚,為乾燥的肌膚補充水分的真萃面膜 【Lime 青檸檬】 以鮮榨檸檬果的清爽水分,製成的美白功能性面膜,打造晶瑩剔透、滑嫩肌膚的真萃面膜 【Pomegranate 石榴】 以清新的鮮榨石榴,製成的抗皺功能性面膜,打造光澤感童顏美肌的真萃面膜 【Rice 大米】 含有榨取的新鮮天然原料和濟州綠色組合,讓肌膚任意挑選適合使用的真萃鮮潤面膜 【Acai Berry 巴西莓】 巴西莓富含營養成分,讓肌膚變成光滑有彈性的童顏肌膚的真萃鮮潤面膜 #mask #innisfree #sheet #korea Read more
LANEIGE Fresh Brightening Cleansing Oil 7 Stores
Mild cleansing that is gentle to skin Fresh Brightening Cleansing Oil Refreshingly light oil without the heaviness of conventional oil-based products consists of apricot oil that removes old skin cells for brightening effects Fresh brightening cleansing oil Free from mineral oils that block the pores for mild cleansing effects 1. Grapefruit and apricot kernel oil with vitamin C Grapefruit and apricot kernel oil are rich in vitamin C, helping you achieve bright skin by removing old skin cells while alleviating redness. 2. Easy to wash Wash off agents are water-friendly so that it is easily removed through rinsing. 3. Gypsophila paniculata root extracts Natural cleansing agents from gypsophila paniculata root extract is mild to skin but effective in removing impurities. 4. Ophthalmologically tested Discoloration around the eyes / Remove eye makeup without worrying about irritation! [Target consumers] Those who want smooth and clear skin upon cleansing. * Those looking for a quick and easy way to remove makeup at night. Laneige cleansing oil comes in a variety so that you can choose the right remover for you Cleansing oils touch skin directly, so it is important that it is gentle to skin! * Does not contain mineral oils that clog the pores! * Ophthalmologically tested - does not irritate sensitive skin around the eyes. 溫和卸除彩妝 水潤透亮潔膚油 水潤透亮潔膚油質感清爽輕盈,絕無傳統卸妝油的油膩感,蘊含杏籽油,清除殘餘角質層,肌膚回復淨白透亮。 1. 西柚精華及杏籽油含豐富維他命C 西柚精華及杏籽油含豐富維他命C,幫助去除殘餘角質層,紓緩泛紅。 2. 易於沖洗 2..配方遇水即溶,易於沖洗。 3. 石竹根精華 蘊含天然潔淨成分石竹根精華,性質溫和,同時有效清除污垢。 4. 經眼科醫生測試 徹底卸除眼部彩妝,溫和不刺激。 [針對客群] * 不喜歡質感油膩的卸妝產品。 * 希望用後肌膚變得潔淨明亮。 * 回家後已經疲憊不堪,需要快速簡易的潔膚程序。 LANEIGE兩款潔膚油,解決不同膚質需要 潔膚油直接接觸肌膚,所以必需選擇成分溫和的配方! * 經過眼科醫生測試 – 卸妝同時不刺激眼周脆弱肌膚 你想用後肌膚乾淨明亮? 你不喜歡質感油膩的潔膚油? 你回家後已疲憊不堪,需要快速簡易的潔膚程序? 有別於傳統卸妝油的油膩感,水潤透亮潔膚油質感清爽輕盈! 杏籽油有助清除殘餘角質層,肌膚回復淨白透亮。 1. 性質溫和親膚,配方遇水即溶,用後易於沖洗。 2. 西柚精華及杏籽油含豐富維他命C,迅速去除老化角質,回復肌膚透亮神采。 Read more
LANEIGE Perfect Renew Cream 50ml 6 Stores
Perfect Renew Cream A Cream moisturizer that fortifies the skin barrier and leaves your skin filled with vitality. 1. Strengthens skin barrier 2. Moisturized and smooth skin texture 3. Anti-wrinkle functional cream - Skin lipid compounds boost skin texture and firmness. These compound also strengthen the skin’s defense mechanism. - Reed and poria cocos compounds improve skin damaged by external stressors. They provide nourishment that keeps skin healthy for a long time. Technical features: 1. Skin Rebirth™ A technology that rejuvenates the skin through flavonoid component extracted from the galangal root that increases skin Energy - Developed as an exclusive technology of LANEIGE for restoration with the inspiration from skin energy bio research of A*star in Singapore 2. Ceramide Water - Ceramide Water which is core moisturizing factor of Perfect Renew has been further upgraded to imitates skin barrier and thoroughly moisturizes skin , have a more powerful hydrating effect How to use: After using emulsion and Eye cream, take an appropriate amount and gently apply from the center of the face towards the contour. Ingredients: WATER, GLYCERIN, BUTYLENE GLYCOL, BETAINE, CAPRYLIC/CAPRIC TRIGLYCERIDE, POLYPROPYLSILSESQUIOXANE, DIMETHICONE, CYCLOPENTASILOXANE, SQUALANE, POLYGLYCERYL-3 METHYLGLUCOSE DISTEARATE, GLYCERYL STEARATE, LIMNANTHES ALBA (MEADOWFOAM) SEED OIL, ALPINIA OFFICINARUM ROOT EXTRACT, PHRAGMITES COMMUNIS EXTRACT, PORIA COCOS EXTRACT, GLYCINE, ADENOSINE, HYDROXYPROPYL BISPALMITAMIDE MEA, SERINE, SODIUM HYALURONATE CROSSPOLYMER, ALANINE, ARGININE, TOCOPHEROL, GLUTAMIC ACID, GLYCERYL CAPRYLATE, DEXTRIN, METHOXY PEG-114/POLYEPSILON CAPROLACTONE, MYRISTIC ACID, BEHENIC ACID, CETEARYL ALCOHOL, SODIUM PCA, STEARIC ACID, STEARYL BEHENATE, ARACHIDIC ACID, AMMONIUM ACRYLOYLDIMETHYLTAURATE/VP COPOLYMER, THEOBROMA CACAO (COCOA) EXTRACT, CHOLESTEROL, PALMITIC ACID, POLOXAMER 407, POLYSORBATE 20, PEG-100 STEARATE, HYDROGENATED LECITHIN, HYDROXYETHYL ACRYLATE/SODIUM ACRYLOYLDIMETHYL TAURATE COPOLYMER, DISODIUM EDTA, ETHYLHEXYLGLYCERIN, PHENOXYETHANOL, FRAGRANCE Read more

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