Your hands are filled with germs but, soap and water are nowhere in sight. What would you do? A hand sanitizers can come to the rescue! Read more about hand sanitizers here.


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Hand Sanitizer Malaysia – Eliminating Germs Effectively

Germs are just everywhere around us, and there is just no running away from it. These germs carry things that you never want in your body but thanks to modern technology, there are many ways you can do to be germ-free. One of the ways you can eliminate germs is by with a hand sanitizer. Frequently cleaning your hands with different types of sanitizers out there in the market can really slow down and even diminish the spread of germs. Also, have we told you how handy they can be when you don’t have soap or water anywhere near you?

What exactly is a hand sanitizer?

Do you know that 89% of common infection can be spread through contaminated hands?

This is why proper hand hygiene is the most important first-line defence against the spread of swine flu. While they are the vital part of keeping yourself healthy, good old soap and water won’t always be near you when you desperately need them – say when you get an unexpected big-bear hug from a runny-nosed pre-schooler, when you are travelling in a car to taxi or when you are working outdoors somewhere remote.

This is where alcohol-based sanitizers come to the rescue. The recommended type of hand sanitizer that works effectively against germs and whatnot should contain 60% - 80% alcohol. It is an excellent way to clean your hands when you are nowhere near the sink. And if you are not convinced by how this little bottle of gel can really get your paws free of germs, then continue reading. We will surely be able to bring you to the sanitizer side.

Proper ways of making full use of a hand sanitizer

  1. Squirt the hand sanitizer into the palm of your hand. Before that, do make sure your hand is free of any organic stuff. It should be about the size of a quarter.
  2. Start rubbing your hands together. You should be sure to get every spot and not miss out any parts – get it in between your finger, under your rings or any other hand jewellery.
  3. Rub until the gel dries up on your hand. - usually 20 seconds.

Different Types of Hand Sanitizers

There are two main types of hand sanitizers available for purchase today: alcohol-free and alcohol-based. For a more intense crackdown on bacteria and viruses around you, you should definitely opt for an alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Brands like Dettol, Antabax, and Purell all offer alcohol-based sanitizer that can kill up to 99% of bacteria.

On the other hand, alcohol-free hand sanitizers are less effective in eliminating germs. It contains quaternary ammonium compounds that can kill some microbes. This is a common formula in glitter and scented hand-sanitizers. They are also more suitable for those with sensitive skin than a hand sanitizer with alcohol content.

5 other uses for hand sanitizers

If you'd like to go the old fashion ‘I only wash my hand with soap and water’ way, then we hope these different ways might just change your mind about keeping a hand sanitizer near you always. Nevertheless, you should always wash your hands properly with soap and water if you have access to it as it remains the most effective method to keep pesky germs away.

Disinfect Other Objects

A hand sanitizer can also be used for things around your house like your keyboard and mouse or anywhere around town (grocery shopping, high chair, and tabletops in restaurants).

Smartphone Screen Shiner

Squirt just a tiny bit onto your phone’s screen and rub it gently with a cloth. Not only does clean it away smudges and oil, but it also disinfects as your smartphone has more bacteria than a toilet bowl!

Stain Remover

If you have that beautiful dress but you can’t wear it anymore thanks to that little permanent marker or paint stain, hand sanitizers help in blotting out the stain.

Pimple Treatment

Though it might sound crazy, this really works. It clears up acne by drying the pimple up, reducing itching and redness. This, of course, is the last resort and you should limit the amount of alcohol you expose your face too.

Glue Remover

Tired of that sticky residue left behind from price tags or labels? Just squirt a bit of hand sanitizer on the adhesive and scrub gently with a brush or washcloth. Hand sanitizers can also remove putty residues from walls and other surfaces

Which hand sanitizer is safe for a baby?

When using a hand sanitizer on a baby, use one that’s alcohol-free and contains natural ingredients. Hand sanitizers suitable for a baby are from Babyganics, CleanWell, Puracy, and ArtNaturals. You can also create your own DIY hand sanitizer with organic and natural ingredients.

What is the price of a hand sanitizer in Malaysia?

The price for a hand sanitizer in Malaysia depends on the brand and the quantity that it comes in. Pocket-sized hand sanitizers are cheap, not exceeding RM20. Meanwhile, bigger sized hand sanitizers fit for households, schools, and offices have a price starting from RM20 and above.