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Beautiful Nail Colors to Beautify Yourself at iprice Malaysia

Nail Colors Malaysia - A Symbol of Nobility

Before the appearance of those pretty bottles of nail colors that we know and love today, nail colors were made from natural products. Nail colors first originated from China (around 3000 BC). Colors like gold and silver were frequently used by members of the royal house before they eventually moved on to red and black as royal favorites. Of course, most people would be familiar with henna, a plant-based dye that was used in Egypt to paint their nails (pale colors for the lower classes, reddish brown for members of high society).

Beautifying Your Hands with Nail Colors Malaysia

Today’s nail colors are not restricted by color or class. In fact, the modern day nail colors come in a wider array of colors, and finishes compared to what was offered back in the day. Though, of course, with the wider array of products come more complications when it comes to application of the products. To get the best out of your nail colors, here are some tips and tricks:

Stop at 3 strokes!
When painting your nails, 3 strokes is all you need when applying the nail colors to your nails. How is that done? First, get a decent-sized bead of nail color on the tip of the nail polish brush. Place the bead at the base of your nail. Then, starting at the base of your nail where the bead of nail color is, stroke the brush to the left of your nail, then to your right and finally down the center.
Base coat is a must!
You will be surprised to know that applying a base coat before your nail colors will ensure that your manicure will last longer. Not only that, a base coat will prevent the nail color from staining your nails.
Use cold water instead of quick drying nail colors!
Quick-dry nail colors may seem heaven-sent for people who are always busy. But trust us, you do not want to use them as the formula of these products can be dehydrating for your nails. Instead, use normal nail colors and hold your hands under cold water (or dip them into icy water) to help the nail colors dry faster.
Never shake your nail colors!
Found that your favorite nail color may have separated in the bottle, leaving a weird translucent shade on top and the color at the bottom? If you do, do not under any circumstances shake the bottle. Instead, roll the bottle back and forth between your hands while holding the bottle vertically. This will ensure that no bubbles are trapped in your nail colors when you use them so that you will get a nice, even, smooth finish.

    The Unexpected Accessory

    Lazy to accessorize, but it feels like your outfit may be missing something? No worries though as nail colors will be the perfect accessory for you. Wear a glamorous red or gold for dinners. Or even go for a neutral pink shade that will be perfect for work. If you don’t know where to start, we recommend that you have a look at brands like OPI, Orly, Sally Hansen and Essie for quality nail colors that will draw people’s attention to your nails.