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Needless to say that hand care routine plays an important role in keeping ourselves clean, germ-free, and moisturized. Check out the best hand care lotions and hand creams from the best brands in Malaysia or read more about what you need for a great hand care routine.

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Innisfree Jeju Life Perfumed Hand Cream (30ml)
RM 14.50 RM 20.70

What it is - Longer-lasting fragrance - More moistly and quickly absorbing texture - A one-touch cap for more convenient use 1. Texture ① The moisture-enriched texture embraces the entire hand to keep it moister. ② The formula is refreshingly and quickly absorbed into the skin while leaving a non-sticky, non-oily finish. 2. Scent ① The fabric conditioner technology is applied to ensure a longer-lasting scent. - The technology for stabilizing and enriching scents, which has been applied to industrial products such as fabric conditioners and deodorants, is used to enable a rich aroma to diffuse over a long time. - Semi Wax Capsule™ Technology : With the system in which the aroma diffuses when it is stabilized within the low-melting wax network and melts at a certain temperature, experience a delicately-diffusing scent as if you exude a long-worn fragrance. ② Rich scents lyrically expressing scenery that would surely captivate your mind during a stay on Jeju Island every month 3. The hand-held mini size is good to fit into a pouch so that you can ensure frequent use. 4. Various types of scents to suit your taste citrus: December(citrus tea) fruity: May(rasberry), February(tangerine farm), June(peach) floral: April(wedding bouquet), July(pink coral) woody: November(fallen leaves) aromatic: September(black tea) musk: October(autumn rain) powdery: January(laundry) What else you need to know 1. January(laundry): Hand cream with soft laundry and refreshing morning air scent you might expect in the guest house while traveling Jeju 2. February(tangerine farm): Hand cream with refreshing and tangy Jeju tangerine scent 3. April(wedding bouquet): Hand cream with gardenia bouquet scent from small-wedding full of warm and simple charm 4. May(rasberry): Hand cream with scent from the sweet wild berry planted under Jeju’s beautiful sunshine 5. June(peach): Hand cream with scent from refreshing peaches enjoying in Jeju during hot summer 6. July(pink coral): Hand cream with lovable pinkish coral reef under Jeju’s deep ocean 7. September(black tea): Hand cream of relaxing atmosphere from Jeju life with book and a cup of tea 8. October(autumn rain): Hand cream with cozy and warm musk scent 9. November(fallen leaves): Hand cream with clean scent of red and gold autumn tree leaves 10. December(citrus tea): Hand cream with citrus tea scent which builds comfortable and warm atmosphere How to use Wash your hands, take out an adequate amount and rub softly into your hands like you're giving them a massage. #innisfree #jeju #hand #cream #handcream #korea #korean #skincare #lotion #peach #jejulife #perfumed #moisture #moisturizer #bodycream #january #citrus #wedding

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What You Need for a Complete Hand Care Routine

Our hands touch countless of surfaces every second of a day, just with one careless moment of getting your dirty hands in contact with your face or eating foods with bare hands can lead to some serious health problems. Taking care of hands is equally important as nurturing your skin, hair and even eating habits. Not only that, you should also put more attention on keeping your hands moisturized for a soft touch and also to avoid skin peeling problem.

Hand Sanitizers & Hand Soaps

With bacteria hiding in every object surrounding you that you have likely touched, if you don’t wash your hands properly, you may suffer from diarrhea, eye infection and so on. So make sure you keep your hands clean before eating as well as keep yourself from touching any part of your face without sanitizing them first. You can purchase all the highly recommended hand sanitizers for both home use and portable use.

For bathroom use, hand soaps are the must as washing with water only dos not thoroughly remove the germs and bacteria from your hands. Follow the 6 steps in the illustration below to make sure you know how to wash your hands properly to prevent unwanted consequences.

Hand Creams

Keeping your hand's hygiene is only one of the habits that need to be followed, one other essential steps is moisturizing. Having soft hands is every woman’s wish and even men for they are the first connection that two lovebirds make when they first fall in love. Or simpler, a woman loves to cherish her hands just like how she cares about the smoothness of the hair. Especially in cold condition when the skin tends to become dry and sometimes may cause wrinkles, hands moisturizing is vital! So don’t be hesitate to get yourself suitable hand creams that offer delightful care to your skin.

Hand creams should be applied at least 3 – 4 times a day for maximum effect. Choose a water-based lotion that absorbs fast for daytime and an oil based one for night time. Hand creams also come in several scents for different individuals’ preferences.

Nail Care

While nourishing your hands with basic hand care routine is enough, don’t forget about nail care too! Especially for ladies who are fans of nail arts, it is critical to keep your nails as well as cuticle clean and healthy.

Show your hands some tender care and love with a proper hand care routine today! Pamper your hands to some TLC with some of the best hand and nail products on the market. Now you can say goodbye to dry hands with good hand lotions that will make your hands feel like smooth baby's skin.