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How to apply facial mask?

There are a wide variety of facial mask offered by beauty brands, each with special properties to suit different skin types. Most important step in applying any facial mask is to cleanse the face thoroughly with facial foam and water. Do a double cleanse with toner and a sheet of facial cotton to ensure that the face is ready for your facial mask treatment.

Clay based facial masks (recommended for normal to oily skin) should be applied thinly across the face. A thin layer will be sufficient but users can choose to put a thicker layer over the T-zone area to get rid of stubborn impurities. Cream Masks with moisturizing ingredients (ideal for normal to dry skin) supplies extra moisture to rejuvenate the skin. Users can apply the mask all over the face and neck area to ensure the skin is nourished equally. Wash off after 20 minutes if instructed to do so. Gel Masks with a gel-like consistency (great for people with dry or sensitive skin) are naturally cold, making them ideal for soothing the skin. Same like the cream mask, wash off after use if instructed. Now, the slightly more complicated Peel-off Masks that comes in gel, plastic or paraffin wax subtypes (great for mature and dry skin) as they tighten the skin temporarily and stimulate the blood circulation in our face. Apply a thin layer on face, let it rest and do not make extreme movements with face such as laughing, talking and chewing. Try to keep face as still as possible as the mask will tighten over time and peel off the mask as instructed (usually 15 minutes at the maximum) and rinse off the excess. Do note to never sleep while using Peel-off Masks as your skin will loose its moisture and suppleness over the prolonged usage.

Worried that you might screw up and worsen the condition of your face, use the Sheet Masks. Made from thin cotton sheets that have been soaked in various hydrating ingredients, Sheet Masks are the perfect choice for people who are new to skincare or are too lazy to go through the whole ordeal of other masks types. As the ingredients used are usually oil-free, sheet masks are suitable for all skin types except serious problematic skin as the cotton sheet might trigger the skin. Click here to learn more about facial masks.

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Relax your mind and give your skin a great treat with these awesome facial masks from the biggest skin care brands in Malaysia. After all, normal skincare routine may not always give your skin its much needed break and relaxation. Check out the best face masks online or read more about face masks below.

Face Masks - Why it's an Important Skin Care Routine

Everyone has their own ideal version of beauty. In order to look beautiful, many people invest in a variety of skincare products as well as surgeries and other beauty services. Facials are one of those beauty services that are frequently used by people who are serious about their pursuit of beauty. A facial involves a variety of skin treatments (ranging from exfoliation and extraction to facial masks and massages) that can improve the beauty of your skin as well as mental well being.

While this skincare routine is considered a luxury to some people, facials are really beneficial. This is why we are bringing you one of the most important parts of facials: the facial mask. Facial masks are skin care products that are applied on the face in the form of a mask or gel. They can be peeled or washed off depending on the product's instructions. Facial masks are often formulated with anti-ageing, moisturizing, anti-acne or a variety of other ingredients that would suit your needs and your skin type.

Different Types of Face Masks

The facial mask is made from a variety of ingredients for different purposes. Some are designed to dry and solidify on your face, while others may remain wet. Most masks are removed by either rinsing the face with water, wiping off or peeling off the face. The duration for the masks to be worn varies according to the type of mask and further instructions from the manufacturer. Here are a few examples of the types of face masks that are available in the market:

  • Clay Masks - These masks contain clay substances. These types of masks are recommended for people with normal to oily skin as it can deeply cleanse the skin by drawing out impurities to the skin’s surface as it dries and tightens.
  • Peel-off Masks - These masks come in gel, plastic or paraffin wax subtypes that are not as absorbent as clay masks. These type of masks are great for mature and dry skin as they tighten the skin temporarily and stimulate the blood circulation in our face, rejuvenating the layers of the skin to be more supple.
  • Sheet Masks - These masks are made from thin cotton sheets that have been soaked in various hydrating ingredients. They are great for oily and combination skin types as the ingredients used are usually oil-free.
  • Cream Masks - These masks contain moisturizing ingredients that would help soften the skin. They are ideal for people with normal to dry skin as they rejuvenate the skin by adding moisture.
  • Gel Masks - These masks are usually oil-free and have a gel-like consistency that is hydrating, which makes them great for people with dry or sensitive skin. These masks are naturally cold, which makes them ideal for soothing the skin.

A facial mask is important because it supplies the skin with additional nourishment and moisture on top of your daily routine. Having face masks is like doing facials at the comforts of your own home. Check out the hottest face masks from brands like Laneige, Innisfree, and so much more at iPrice!

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