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Reasons to Love SK-II Skin Care and Why You Should Have It in Your Beauty Bag

Without looking at age, skin colour, personality or individual style, all women everywhere have one thing in common. They all revolve around the one thing that human calls beauty. This thing gives women a boost in their confidence level, allowing them to walk with their heads held high. You can gain beauty from killer outfits and gorgeous makeup but the foundation of any beauty is ultimately your skincare. And thanks to the discovery of Pitera, youthful skin and timeless beauty was finally within reach thanks to SK-II.

SK-II – The Promise of Pitera

“I was on the research team that first discovered Pitera. Even back then in 1980, we knew we had found something very special – a gift of nature that will transform skin for generations to come. Even today, we are constantly making new discoveries about its efficacy after 30 years” – Takashi Yoshii, a leading scientist who discovered Pitera.

The secret ingredient that created SK-II – Pitera is obtained from a strictly controlled natural fermentation process. It is a clear liquid, rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids. This incredible combination of nutrients works to dramatically improve the skin’s natural surface rejuvenation process.

  • Pitera – Full of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids that work together to allow the skin’s natural surface rejuvenation process to function at its prime.
  • Amino Acid – Provide and help to maintain moisture in the skin.
  • Minerals – Provide treatment for skin texture.
  • Organic Acids – Remove and prevent the excess buildup of dead skin cells to create bright, translucent healthy skin.
  • Vitamins – Effectively condition the skin to keep it lively.
  • Saccharides – Naturally derived sugar which is one of the components of SK-II Pitera.
  • Proteins – Composed of amino acids and typical proteins that include keratin and collagen.

This unique and signature ingredient bears a close resemblance to the skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF) which is the deciding element in the restoration and enhancement of translucency, softness, and smoothness. Nature, technology, and craftsmanship blends harmoniously to create the miracle of Pitera – the promise of crystal clear skin is always yours to keep.

SK-II Essence - With Promising Results

When SK-II is mentioned, the very first product that you would think of is the Facial Treatment Essence. With its introduction, SK-II created a new category called the “Beauty Essence”. This is a special category that is filled with skincare products that are rich in active ingredients and light in consistency. Essence is the most concentrated version of the product and the combination allows the essences to have a higher efficacy while allowing for a faster absorption as compared to traditional creams and moisturizers.

Facial Treatment Essence is SK-II’s signature product, launched 35 years back and is the most awarded skincare product with over 202 international awards under its name. It is the only essence in the market that is made entirely of its active ingredient Pitera – Facial Treatment Essence contains over 90% Pitera. This particular essence is so effective that it can increase the efficacy of one’s current skincare routine no matter what other product she uses.

The very fact this the formula in this essence has remained virtually unchanged for the past 35 years is the perfect testimony to the product’s performance. And with this, it does not come as a surprise when the Facial Treatment Essence is called the “Miracle Water”.

Within 1 week of use:

  • 82% of users declared that they want to repeat.
  • 85% agreed Facial Treatment Essence makes skin feel smooth
  • 94% agreed Facial Treatment Essence helps to improve skin texture
  • 91% agreed Facial Treatment Essence absorbs quickly

Skin Care that You Would Enjoy

In Asia, it is believed that the key to a balanced life lies in the power of rituals. At SK-II, their ideal Skincare ritual is to ‘Purify and Renew to feel the benefits of Pitera in 28 days. This ritual inspires complete devotion in those who practice it. Mornings and evenings are times dedicated to caring for oneself.

  • Purifying - Enjoy a new beginning with these purifying, cleansing products that will leave your skin clean, smooth, and refreshed. This is the first step to any SK-II ritual, starting with the Cleanser and the Clear Lotion.
  • Renewing - This is the heart of the SK-II ritual, an essential step for skin of all types, at every age. Facial Treatment Essence contains over 90 percent pure Pitera. Use the Essence to boost skin’s moisture level instantly for a more beautiful, glowing complexion.
  • Brightening - SK-II’s advanced brightening solutions hydrate and exfoliate to help reveal even skin tone and colour. Use Brightening products after the Facial Treatment Essence and before your recommended moisturizer.
  • Hydration - Indulge your skin with luxurious, nourishing moisture that takes hydration to an advanced level.
  • Antiaging - Finish off the ritual with a groundbreaking collection specifically designed to diminish the appearance of multiple signs of ageing

SK-II promises flawless and youthful skin that glows from within. Check out the best SK-II skin care products at iPrice!