Looking for a premium makeup brand that has high quality products while being sold at a reasonable price? You have arrived at the perfect page! Read more about makeup with SimplySiti Malaysia here.

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Making Up With SimplySiti Malaysia

Appealing to the ladies in both the rural and urban areas, SimplySiti’s fan base is continually expanding. This is because SimplySiti focuses on providing products that are suitable for ladies of various ages and races. The brand has also started gaining international recognition because of the high-quality products that come together with their very affordable price tags.

Getting Ready With SimplySiti

Step #1: Pick Your Base

For the first step of your makeup routine, pick your desired base. Here at SimplySiti Malaysia, there are a few options for you to choose from. For the traditional liquid foundation, opt for Argan Wonder Foundation Skin Perfecting. Comes equipped with an SPF20 coverage, there are two shades available for you to choose from; the light beige for the more fair-skinned girls and the natural beige for those with browner skin. This Argan Wonder Foundation is specially formulated with light reflecting particles to ensure a flawless finish while covering up any fine lines or imperfections whenever you are out and about. Furthermore, the formula’s key ingredient is argan oil which has natural anti-ageing properties while ensuring a lightweight and natural finish.

Step #2: Powder Away

To make sure your foundation lasts all day, set your foundation with a loose powder or a compact powder. If you are a huge fan of the Argan collection, there is the Argan Wonder Powder with colours Light Beige, Medium Beige, and Deep Beige for you to choose one that best suit your skin colour. As another option, you can try the 2 Way Cake Powder from SimplySiti Malaysia’s most premium range, La Collection D’Or. This premium powder foundation has pearlescent and light-reflecting particles for you to get a natural radiant glow. The fine particles of the powder make it easy for you to apply and even comes equipped with an SPF 30 to protect your skin from harmful rays.

If you are looking for loose powders instead, consider getting the Simply Elegant Loose Powder to set your makeup. Its ultra-fine powder makes for a long-lasting matte finish to ensure you looking your radiant elegant best throughout the day. Also equipped with an SPF 30, this powder makes for a good choice if you’re looking for a loose powder to combat skin ageing.

Step #3: Fill Those Arches

After finishing with your base makeup, fill in your brows with SimplySiti Malaysia’s Simple Elegant Auto Eyebrow Liner. With a choice of brown or black-brown, these eyebrow pencils are designed to give you precisely shaped eyebrows. As an added bonus, this eyebrow pencil SimplySiti is specially formulated to give you an extra pigmented draw while maintaining to be waterproof and smudge-proof. Lightly fill in your brows and brush it out with the Dual End Brush to achieve a natural finish.

Step #4: Glamourous Eyes

For a day to night look, La Collection D’Or 4 Eye Colour Gold Edition is the only eyeshadow palette that you will ever need. Begin with the pale shimmering gold colour and swipe it across your eyelid as a base colour. With the same colour, apply on the outer ½ of the bottom lid. With the fluffy brush, take the red-brown shade from the palette and apply it along the crease of your eyes making sure to blend it properly.

With the leftover colour on the brush, apply to 1/3 of the bottom lid while making sure that everything blends out smoothly. After that, take some of the glittery gold shade and apply it to the centre of the lid to add dimension to your eye makeup. Then, use the lightest glittery shade and apply it to the inner corners of the eyes to make your eyes ‘pop’. Next, line your eyes with the Simply Elegant Liquid Eyeliner making sure to wing it slightly for a glamourous cat-eye look. Last but not least, finish your eye makeup with 2 thick coats of Simply Elegant Dual Mascara for a more dramatic flair. Don’t forget to coat your bottom lashes too!

Step #5: Keep Your Blush in Check

Add a slight colour to your cheeks with SimplySiti Malaysia’s Simply Elegant Blusher in Rosy Pink. This elegantly designed puff blusher is the perfect blusher to add a sultry glow to your cheeks. Equipped with a puff for easy application, this blush is long-lasting while providing an SPF 30 coverage. From their premium line, SimplySiti Malaysia’s La Collection D’Or Shading Blusher gold edition has a natural rosy pink shade to achieve a radiant glow on your cheeks. The blusher contains light-reflecting pigments so it doubles up as a highlighter on your cheeks. This blusher palette also comes equipped with a contour palette so you can bring out your cheekbones and enhance your features. Therefore, the La Collection D’Or Shading Blusher Gold Edition is one palette not to be missed!

SimplySiti Malaysia: Your One-Stop Beauty Store

Apart from the wide range of makeup products for you to choose from, SimplySiti also has a range of skincare products to cater to every skin type. Find out more about the ranges they have at SimplySiti Malaysia’s Skincare here!