Shuang Hor Group is a company with the founding objective of wanting to help the global community attain wellness of the mind and body with its production of various products of natural ingredients and top-grade quality. The brand has a wide range of products under its belt with its best-seller being CEO Coffee, a line of premix coffee formulated with quality ingredients and is beneficial for your health.

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CEO Coffee - Benefits and Ingredients


CEO Coffee is marketed to those who enjoy coffee but are worried about health risks. The drink is formulated with Yung Kien Ganoderma, a supplement under the Shuang Hor Group that is used for general health and is beneficial for the consumers to help preserve optimal health as well as treat various health issues.

One of the many benefits of drinking CEO Coffee is that it can help with constipation and indigestion. The drink can also help with stimulating more blood flow in the body to decrease migraines, increase the focus and memory of the consumers, and keep them alert.

CEO Coffee is also high in anti-oxidant and consumers that have health issues with their livers can also consume the drink to help promote the regeneration of liver cells and provide their livers with more protection.


CEO Coffee is made with quality ingredients to ensure the best product for its consumers. The drink is produced with coffee beans harvested from Brazil and freshly brewed for their premium taste. The drink is enhanced with Yung Kien Ganoderma, a supplement with many health benefits, and combined with the unique bitterness of coffee to create a drink that is both healthy and tasty.

The product has a smooth flavour and a rich aroma without any artificial flavouring or preservatives. CEO Coffee uses a plant-based, non-dairy creamer that is derived from coconut and is free from harmful trans fat. The drink is also sugar-free so consumers who have health issues such as diabetes can consume it without worries.

Shuang Hor is also well known for its supplements, especially Lingzhi which is very rich in health benefits (blood glucose level, immune system,etc.). You can explore more products from Shuang Hor right here at iPrice with good deals across different merchants.