Women wear heels as it makes their walk more attractive, feminine, and confident. Another popular type of footwear is for women are wedges. Get the best wedges in Malaysia and read more about the advantages of this footwear below.


Advantages of wearing wedges

Women put in a lot of effort as well as sacrifice to look good and heels in particular may potentially cause back ache, blisters, and if you are unfortunate a sprained or broken ankle. Thankfully, we have wedges that will ideally take over heels. Similar to heels, this footwear can make you look taller, shapelier, and sexier without having to compromise comfort. Here are other advantages of wearing this footwear.


One of the most important aspects of wedges is that your foot touches more surface area, reducing the strain off the ball of your foot. It also has more cushion so that your feet are at least to some extent sheltered from the ground. If the wedges are made with other slip resistant materials such as rubber or wood, chances are that you won’t have to worry about falling.

Keeps arch supported

Typically, wedges command a wider footprint which means that your arch will have more support to your entire foot. Wedges also tend to have less wear and tear even after wearing it for a long time. They are very much comfortable compared to heels and you don’t have to worry if you put your whole weight on it.


Compared to heels, wedges do not get scratched and scruffed that easily. Most wedges, have outer materials like wood, straw, or cork which are made to be durable. Although these materials wear, they do so in a different way – one that can still look stylish in a deconstructed way. This is because; scuffs on wood look much different than bits of plastic poking through your shoe’s heel.

Can be worn for many occasions

Wedges are an extremely versatile pair of shoe as it can be worn for any occasion, formal or casual. For those laid back days for those laid back days when you just don’t feel like dressing up but yet want to feel pretty, casual cork wedges are perfect pair to have handy. They add just enough style and edge to make an outfit pop! Pair it up with your oversized tee loosely tucked into your skinnies and finish this look with a pair of shades or a snapback for the perfect casual look that is packed with sophistication. On the other hand, formal wedges are typically fully closed, not so vibrant in colour and ideal for your business meetings. Since you would be on your toes most of the time, it would be best to find a pair that is not reaching out to the skies. Thinner wedges would look extremely feminine and delicate when worn with pencil skirt, body-con dresses and trousers. For a night out, party wedges are great as they usually have thin straps with added embellishments such as spikes or precious stones. Even when you are burning the dance floor you never have to worry about the after pain that your feet recognizes when it is paired with stilettos.

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