While Malaysia is considered as a tropical country, many of its residents travel to different countries, particularly temperate regions in Europe or in the United States. If you are shopping for your trip to winter wonderland, don’t forget to include a pair of winter boots for your trip! Scroll down below for the best winter boots online or click here to know how to choose the right winter boots.


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What you need to Know about Winter Boots

Winter boots is a type of footwear which is padded and insulated to protect your feet from the cold. What makes winter boots different from snow boots is water resistance, and materials used in its constructions. Snow boots are often made from easy to clean materials and are generally water proof, compared to winter boots. However, if you’re not planning on a hiking a mountain or a cold, muddy terrain, winter boots are perfect for you.

What makes a good pair of winter boots

Having a pair of winter boots for the cold season or for travelling to temperate countries is definitely a life saver. On top of that, winter boots today are designed to be more subtle and conforming to today’s fashion trends than being a bulky piece of footwear. However, before you buy your own pair of winter boots, you need to look at qualities that makes it great such as traction, insulation and water resistance.

Slip resistance and traction

Snow and cold weather can get the better of us when it comes to losing balance because of low friction caused by water and ice which may result in injury. To prevent that from happening make sure that your winter boots have slip resistant material on its sole such as treaded rubber or lugs to keep snow from building up on your shoe.

Water-resistance or waterproof qualities

While winter boots are less water resistant than snow boots, to some degree, there are also winter boots that feature water-resistant qualities.


Perhaps one of the most important quality that makes up for a good pair of winter boots, insulation is what makes your winter boots warm during the cold. What it does is it traps your body heat inside the shoe, making it more comfortable during colder seasons. Manufacturers usually indicate the amount of insulation in numbers; the higher the number, the more insulation your shoe has.

Shop for winter boots in Malaysia!

So if you want to have a pair of shoes that keeps you warm during cold weathers or as a companion during your travels to colder regions then winter boots are definitely the type of footwear you are looking for. Before buying your winter boots, you have to look at its insulation, water resistance and traction for your needs and lifestyle. You can browse for a selection of winter boots online here or take a look at winter boots from big brands such as Paperplanes, UGG, Cosas United and so much more!