As rational human beings, going anywhere without shoes is something that shouldn’t even be considered. Shoes are one of the most important clothing items that are not only fashionable but protective as well. Among many types of shoes, you only need five staple pair of shoes to build your basic wardrobe.


5 Must-Have Shoes in Malaysia To Complete Your Basic Wardrobe

Ever since shoes were invented all the way back in 7000 BC, humans of all ages have made it a part of their daily routines to wear protective, comfortable, and often fashionable shoes. There are hundreds of different types of footwear that you can own depending on your personal style and preference. However, you would only need 5 basic pairs of shoes to complete your wardrobe which makes it easier for you to style yourself before work or a night out.


If you’re trying to build a shoe collection for yourself, the first thing you must get is a pair of sturdy sneakers. Sneakers aren’t the same as the footwear you typically use for working out; they don’t come with all the technologies and the paddings necessary for a comfortable workout session.

An example of an essential pair of sneakers is the Converse Chuck Taylors All Star shoes in black as well as the black Vans Old Skool. These sneakers are easy to pair with anything, are comfortable to wear for your daily walks, and are super affordable. Other popular sneakers include Adidas Originals in Superstar and Stan Smith, Nike NMDs, and Puma Creepers.


A modern woman is nothing without her heels; although they may not be the most comfortable option for everyone, owning a pair of heels is crucial for every kind of woman. Start with a pair of low-heeled, open-toed shoes so you can become more comfortable walking in something other than flats or sneakers. Then, you can start upgrading and increasing the height of your heels and the platforms depending on the outfit you’re going to wear for the day or night.


Loafers aren’t only reserved for men in suits. Nowadays, thanks to Gucci and Christian Louboutin, loafers can be a fashionable alternative for women. Opt for flat or low-heeled backless loafers for a daily wear or get yourself a pair of heeled loafers if you’re going to a formal event. For men, it’s best to start with a classic pair of black loafers that can go well with all of your suits. From there, you can build your loafers collection by getting brogues, Oxfords, and more.


Although we associate boots with winter, it doesn’t hurt to own a pair even though you live in the hot and sunny Malaysia. Ladies can opt for a handy pair of Dr. Martens combat boots or a cute, chic pair of heeled ankle boots. Meanwhile, for the dudes, you can also add combat boots into your daily shoe collection or Timberland boots that are waterproof and trendy with any kinds of outfits. After you’ve owned an essential pair of boots, you can upgrade them to ankle boots, sock boots, or riding boots to match with your personal styles.