If you’re an avid rider of motorcycles, a helmet should be one of the necessities you have to have on hand. Shoei helmets are made of high-quality ingredients that will always ensure your safety and wellbeing when on the road with your motorbike. Find out more about Shoei helmets and products in Malaysia below.

Who owns Shoei helmets? | Why are Shoei helmets better? | Which Shoei helmet is the best? | What is the price of Shoei helmets?


Shoei Helmet Malaysia Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Shoei helmets?

Shoei is a helmet brand that originated in Tokyo, Japan. It was founded by Eitaro Kamata in 1954 and the company initially exclusively produces construction helmets. It wasn’t until the 1960s that the founder started to manufacture motorcycle helmets. Till now, Shoei helmets can be found protecting the heads of MotoGP riders while they’re on the road like Bradley Smith, Thomas Luthi, Mattia Pasini, Marc Marquez, and Alex Marquez. It is also the official helmet provider for Honda Motor Co.

Why are Shoei helmets better?

Shoei helmets are made with high-grade lightweight carbon fibre. The company is also the first helmet brand to produce carbon fibre and Kevlar helmets (Shoei GRV). All Shoei products are made up of 6 parts: helmet shell, ventilation, shield, EPS liner, interior system, and chinstrap.

Which Shoei helmet is the best?

Some of the best Shoei helmet products in Malaysia that you should take out on the road are:

  • Shoei RF-1200 Valkyrie
  • Shoei VFX-W Capacitor Helmet
  • Shoei GT-Air Expanse Helmet
  • Shoei X-Fourteen Kagayama 5 Helmet
  • Shoei Qwest Serenity Helmet

What is the price of Shoei helmets?

The price of Shoei products depends on which model you opt for. Since Shoei Malaysia helmets are made with the best materials, prepare to invest your savings in their products. To find out the price of Shoei products, browse the catalogue above and shop from your favourite online merchants on Lazada and Shopee.

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