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Shinamino loon Grade~ Replenishing Shampoo 1000ML
RM 120.00

Product details of Shinamino Replenishing Shampoo 1000ML Snail Secretion is a kind of mucus, an external bodily secretion which is produced by snail. This secretion helps snail rapidly repair any damage on its body as an original defensive mechanism. Hence, it involves in wound healing process. Snail secretion enhances the proliferation and functional capability of fibroblasts, cells that responsible for generating all the elements of the skin matrix, including collagen, elastin fibers, glycosamiloglycans and proteoglycans. As a result, it provides good moisturizing, anti-oxidation, and anti-inflammatory properties. Shinamino Replenishing Shampoo contains Nettle extract, a proven ingredient which provides Hair follicles with the energy and the necessary Nutrients for promoting and strengthening capillary growth. Rosemary extract together with Pro-vitamin B5 (panthenol), hydrates and protect hair and scalp from external aggression and damage. The multiple benefits of SHINAMINO Replenishing Shampoo include combating hair loss and nourishing the scalp, strengthening and protecting normal and fragile hair, preventing it from splitting, and hydrating hair to leave it smooth and shiny. Direction: Apply to wet hair and work into a rich lather. Rinse thoroughly and reapply if necessary. Developed and Under License By: Shanamino. A production certified with GMP Against Animal Testing.#hairproduct #hair #haircare #hairtreatment

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Shinamino set
RM 318.00

#SHINAMINO SNAIL SERIES ❇Revivity shampoo 1000ml❇ 含有姜成分的洗发水。姜是头皮的最佳优良补救。它能够刺激血液循环至头皮。 这种增加血液循环能引发毛囊和增加生发。 ➡防脱 。减少脱发 ➡去屑 。减少头屑 ➡控油 。毛囊清爽 ➡育发 。滋养毛囊 ➡止痒 。有效止痒 ➡乌发 。改善发质 你现在的头发是否存在以下问题 : 经常脱发断发 。 秀发与发根油腻无比 。 头皮间歇发痒 秀发渐渐稀疏 。 秀发干枯发黄 如果你超过以上2个问题,说明你现在使用的洗发水,可能存有问题! ❇Cocoa butter mask 1000ml❇ ➡含有18种氨基酸 ➡抗紫外线 ➡修复损发 ➡恢复弹性 ➡轻盈柔顺 可可脂发膜的特点含有蜗牛黏液,可可油以及18种不同的氨基酸,有效改善极度受损的干燥发丝和快速修复并锁着秀发水分。可可脂是一种纯天然可食用的脂肪。因为在制造过程中没有使用任何溶剂或添加剂。全新升级配方能为秀发提供额外的调理,营养和光泽打造更强的柔亮发丝。 ➡Contains 18 amino acids ➡Anti-UV ➡Repair damaged hair ➡Restore elasticity ➡Light and supple 👉Shinamino Cocoa Butter Mask features Cocoa Seed Butter as its essential property in hair repair and restoration therapy. Cocoa Butter is a pure, edible fat and it is all natural because there are no solvents or additives used during the manufacturing process. Cocoa Butter Seed is added in to provide your hair with extra conditioning, nourishment and shine. Shinamino Cocoa Butter Mask is a treatment for fine hair to add moisture without weighing hair down and makes a beneficial hot-oil treatment for most types of hair especially those having styling difficult or frizzy hair. ❇Hair Defence Essence 120ml❇ Shinamino Defence Essential turns the oil derived from Plukenetia Volubilis seed that offers incredible health benefits to fight heart disease, stablize blood glucose levels and improve mood, into an essential ingredient for hair care. Formulated with ➡essence Vitamin E, it helps nourish ➡and prevent split ends to leave your hair revitalized ➡smooth and full of shine. ➡Specially developed to target dry ends ➡and prevent them, ➡to leave your locks instantly refreshed, nourished ➡and leave an incredible shine

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