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Shinamino ecret (Scalp & Hair shampoo,Treatment,Essence)
RM 179.00

OFFER SET 可以任选适合个人的3样产品。 #脱发问题的头皮建议使用 -HEALING SHAMPOO (针对头皮屑,头皮出油,异常脱发,可每天使用。) -THERAPY TREATMENT (涂抹于发中发尾的部分,能改善毛燥,开叉秀发) -THERAPY ESSENCE (涂抹于发中发尾的部分,使毛燥的头发变得服帖,提供因烫发染发造成的损坏所流失的营养素。) #秀发严重受损或干燥的秀发建议使用 -RESTORE SHAMPOO (针对干燥,长期受化学伤害的秀发。能补充回大量的水分因烫发染发造成的发尾枯干,天然无硅油成分,洗后不会有黏腻的感觉,还能让秀发清爽蓬松顺滑。) -THERAPY TREATMENT (涂抹于发中发尾的部分,能改善毛燥,开叉秀发) -THERAPY ESSENCE (涂抹于发中发尾的部分,使毛燥的头发变得服帖,提供因烫发染发造成的损坏所流失的营养素。) 丝娜美💖滋养修护发膜💖 👍富含18种的氨基酸,可顺服毛躁发丝。 👍防紫外线造成对头发的伤害。 👍独特配方可修复因烫染造成的干燥。 👍有效强化与修复并将卷发变得柔顺细滑。 💖Shinamino Secret Therapy Treatment 💖 👍 rich in 18 kinds of amino acids, can be met with hairy hair. Anti-UV damage to the hair. 👍 unique formula can be repaired due to dry dye caused by dry. 👍 effectively strengthen and repair and curl hair becomes smooth and smooth. 丝娜美💖滋疗精华液💖 👍富含阿甘油和鳄梨油配合特指而成。 👍可帮助改善秀发,让秀发更有弹性和柔软。 👍阿甘油不油腻,可改善卷曲和乱发。 👍快速吸收并有效抵抗紫外线对秀发的伤害。 👍帮助抑制秀发分叉和断裂。 💖Shinamino Secret Therapy Essence💖 👍 rich in glycerol and avocado oil with a special made. 👍 can help improve hair, make hair more flexible and soft. 👍 glycerin is not greasy and can improve curling and chaos. 👍 fast absorption and effective resistance to UV damage to the hair. 👍 help to suppress hair bifurcation and fracture. 丝娜美💖滋养修复洗发水💖 👍采用获得认证的有机原料。 👍不含对头皮头刺激的化学防腐剂。 👍改善受损发质,毛躁秀发。 👍提高染发色彩光泽及持久度。 👍修复烫发,增加波纹深度蓬松感。 💖Shinamino Secret Restore Shampoo💖 👍Use certified organic materials. 👍 does not contain chemical preservatives for scalp irritation. 👍 improve the damaged hair, hair irritability hair. 👍 improve hair color and gloss. 👍 repair perm, increase the ripple depth fluffy feeling. 丝娜美💖头皮疗养洗头水💖 👌采用认证的有机原料。 👌不含对头皮有刺激的化学防腐剂。 👌天然环保洗头水。 👌改善头皮出油,头皮屑,头皮瘙痒, 👌改善头皮敏感, 减少异常掉发问题。 💖Shinamino Secret Healing Shampoo💖 👌 using certified organic materials. It does not contain chemical preservatives that stimulate the scalp. 👌 natural environmental shampoo. 👌 improve the scalp out of the oil, dandruff, scalp itching, 👌 improve scalp sensitivity, reduce the problem of abnormal hair loss. #Shinamino Secret . 丝娜美秘密 Avocado Oil : 精制鳄梨油蕴含大量维他命A&E。当中包含脂肪和蛋白质,可以帮助改善头发让秀发更有弹性和柔软。油中的高脂肪增强秀发的质感使发质不易破损具有保湿,强效滋养的功效。 Refined avocado oil with high amounts of Vitamin A & E which contains fats & proteins that can help improve hair elasticity & enhance hair texture. Moisturizers hair with potent nourishing effect. Royal Jelly : 含有天然大量的营养物质和维生素具有赋予细胞生长,恢复细胞活力的特性,其中的活性成分10-HDA含特别突出能够帮助皮肤细胞生长。抗衰老,头发生长,补充头发流失的蛋白质,修复头发增进头发光泽。 Contains large amounts of nutrients & vitamins which enhances cell growth & cell recovery. Help decrease loss of hair proteins, repair damaged hair & enhance hair gloss. #寻找 代理&微商 wechat:xceska7315

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Shinamino set
RM 318.00

#SHINAMINO SNAIL SERIES ❇Revivity shampoo 1000ml❇ 含有姜成分的洗发水。姜是头皮的最佳优良补救。它能够刺激血液循环至头皮。 这种增加血液循环能引发毛囊和增加生发。 ➡防脱 。减少脱发 ➡去屑 。减少头屑 ➡控油 。毛囊清爽 ➡育发 。滋养毛囊 ➡止痒 。有效止痒 ➡乌发 。改善发质 你现在的头发是否存在以下问题 : 经常脱发断发 。 秀发与发根油腻无比 。 头皮间歇发痒 秀发渐渐稀疏 。 秀发干枯发黄 如果你超过以上2个问题,说明你现在使用的洗发水,可能存有问题! ❇Cocoa butter mask 1000ml❇ ➡含有18种氨基酸 ➡抗紫外线 ➡修复损发 ➡恢复弹性 ➡轻盈柔顺 可可脂发膜的特点含有蜗牛黏液,可可油以及18种不同的氨基酸,有效改善极度受损的干燥发丝和快速修复并锁着秀发水分。可可脂是一种纯天然可食用的脂肪。因为在制造过程中没有使用任何溶剂或添加剂。全新升级配方能为秀发提供额外的调理,营养和光泽打造更强的柔亮发丝。 ➡Contains 18 amino acids ➡Anti-UV ➡Repair damaged hair ➡Restore elasticity ➡Light and supple 👉Shinamino Cocoa Butter Mask features Cocoa Seed Butter as its essential property in hair repair and restoration therapy. Cocoa Butter is a pure, edible fat and it is all natural because there are no solvents or additives used during the manufacturing process. Cocoa Butter Seed is added in to provide your hair with extra conditioning, nourishment and shine. Shinamino Cocoa Butter Mask is a treatment for fine hair to add moisture without weighing hair down and makes a beneficial hot-oil treatment for most types of hair especially those having styling difficult or frizzy hair. ❇Hair Defence Essence 120ml❇ Shinamino Defence Essential turns the oil derived from Plukenetia Volubilis seed that offers incredible health benefits to fight heart disease, stablize blood glucose levels and improve mood, into an essential ingredient for hair care. Formulated with ➡essence Vitamin E, it helps nourish ➡and prevent split ends to leave your hair revitalized ➡smooth and full of shine. ➡Specially developed to target dry ends ➡and prevent them, ➡to leave your locks instantly refreshed, nourished ➡and leave an incredible shine

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Shinamino Hair Care Online Beauty Shop in Malaysia Malaysia

You can get up to 22% off from its original price! COCOA BUTTER MASK 1000ML, Snail Extract Cocoa Butter Mask 300mL and Snail Extract Cocoa Butter Mask 1000ML Saloon Grade are popular Shinamino Hair Care which you can purchase online. If you are looking for a better option aside from Shinamino Hair Care, you can check out louis will, MagiDeal and BF1 Soul online. You can get yourself great Shinamino Hair Care online for as low as RM 39.00 up to as much as RM 328.00  There are several main types of Shinamino Hair Care such as Hair Treatments and Shampoos. When it comes to color, Shinamino Hair Care today are most popular in Brown.