Shell is one of the biggest names in the oil and fuel industry, specializing in petroleum products. If you are in the market for one, check out the latest Shell products. You can also read the article below to learn some tips on how to save fuel.


4 Fuel Saving Tips with Shell Malaysia

Shell is one of the biggest names in the motoring industry. Leading the race in fossil fuel research, Shell has made impressive technological advancements. In the early 20th century, it started exploring many oil reservoirs all over the world. When automobiles started to become dominant forms of transportation, Shell was able to find a profitable niche market by offering their petrol and natural gas products. Over the years, they were able to expand their product range, and now produces lines of engine oils and maintenance fluids.

So what does this mean for everyone? Although people use petrol in driving, the fact remains that Shell’s history has made a big contribution to today’s motoring industry. Nevertheless, as the prices of Shell petrol and diesel are fluctuating, it’s essential that motorists learn some fuel-saving tips. These tips not only will save you cash but also save the environment, as saving fuel can help improve air quality and reduce greenhouse emissions.

Use Fuel-Saving Products

With Shell Malaysia’s fuel-saving products, such as their diesel, they will help protect the car’s engine, whether cruising the road or stuck in traffic. They contain DYNAFLEX technology that helps reduce engine friction. They also have dirt-busting molecules that clean and makes the engine efficient. With that, motorists can focus on enjoying the drive.

Be good to your car

Ultimately, fuel efficiency is tied in with the car’s performance. Simply put, how much petrol you save in your daily driving affects your car’s ability to keep up speed. Hence, it’s vital for motorists in Malaysia to be good with their cars. This means that you use your car in a way that will keep it in mint condition. Some driving habits you may want to avoid include:

  • Carrying unnecessary weight or number of passengers over the limit.
  • Adding modifications that create a drag on your car.
  • Excessive braking.
  • Driving before your car engine is warmed up.
  • Using neutral gear.

Many motorists spend a great deal of time on the road when stuck in traffic. If your daily commute to work is an hour in the morning and an hour after, that’s two hours per day. Multiplying that by the number of days worked in a month will give you 40 hours of wasted time. While being stuck in traffic, your car has to go through the pressure of consuming fuel. So what can you do to ease this situation? Simply flip your gear to N or Neutral. With that, the car’s fuel transmission prohibits fuel from entering the pistons. This significantly reduces fuel consumption, in turn, helps increase the lifespan of your vehicle.

Follow Road and Traffic Rules

Another way to save Shell fuel is to follow road and traffic rules. This may seem like a weird solution to fuel-saving but bear in mind that those rules are there for a reason. For instance, driving within the speed limit reduces fuel consumption. This is according to a study done by road and transport researchers, revealing that adhering to such rule produces optimal car speeds. Driving within the speed limit not only will save you on fuel but also save your life. Not to mention, it lowers the risk of accidents.

Aside from that, be wary about your braking distance and avoid tailgating another car. Provide at least 5 meters distance from the car in front of you when moving. This will allow you to stop more efficiently and keep you from touching the car’s bumper.

Service your car

Like any other machinery in Malaysia, a car needs maintenance. If your car is brand new, your car dealer might advise you to have it checked by a car mechanic every once in a while. You are most likely required to bring it in, otherwise, your warranty will be forfeited. Even with older car models, servicing can help increase their lifespan. Aside from having it serviced, consider using Shell automotive products, as they work well with today’s car technology.

Car maintenance is categorized by intervals: weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly maintenance. A part of weekly maintenance should involve checking of water levels and engine coolants, making sure they are sufficient before driving. Also, the tyre pressure should be checked before going on a journey. This is important if the car isn’t driven for a while or was driven over a bad road, as some air in the tyre could escape in the process. If your car has one of these conditions, simply fill up the tyres with air with the recommended amount of pressure. Aside from fuel products, check out these other car accessories from Shell Formula and HELIX.