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Razor Blades Malaysia - For the Cleanest Shave

When shaving first started out, people would use things like sharpened stone, clam shells and so on. But then men discovered metals (like bronze, copper as well as iron) and begun to develop better shaving instruments. One of them is the razor. It is a bladed tool that is used primarily in the act of shaving. Of course, the razor blades that we see today are a far cry from what they had when razors first came about.

Keeping Your Razor Blades Sharp and Ready with these Tips!

Today, we will be focusing on one part of the razor that is very important: the razor blade. As the blades cut away the unwanted hair and come in close contact with your facial skin, it is important to take good care of your razor blades.

Here are some tips that you can use to make extend the lifespan of your razor blades:

Keep the blade dry
Nobody likes to use items that rusty as there are dangers when using a rusty tool, what more a razor blade? Make sure to dry your razor blade the moment after you are done with shaving.
Protect your blades
After use, apply almond oil or baby oil to your shaving blade to protect it from the elements until your next shave. You could even use a splash of vinegar to get rid of any mineral residue.
Disinfect your blades
Cleaning is one thing. But if you want the blades to last and to also ensure that they are properly cleaned, use alcohol to clean the blades of your razor. Not only will it ensure that your blades are properly cleaned, but it will also disinfect your blades so that you will not suffer from acne or breakouts.
Sharpen your blades
Do not throw away your dull blades! You can use an old pair of jeans to sharpen your razors, eliminating the need for you to constantly have to buy new blades for your razor. Place your jeans on a hard, flat surface before running the razor up your jeans a few times. Make sure that you are rubbing the back of the blade otherwise you will end up shaving your jeans. For some reason, the fibers of your jeans will help sharpen the blade (when done properly of course).
Store your blades in a dry place
Never store your blades in the bathroom as a lot of moisture will accumulate in this place. Instead, store them in the cupboard or in some dry, close place where humidity will not penetrate.

    For that Razor Sharp, Groomed Look

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