Listen up, men, as we have some awesome after shave products here just for you! Look well-groomed and smell great with these products. If you have no idea what an after shave is, click here to learn more.

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Awesome After Shave products at Affordable Prices on iprice Malaysia

From Practicality to Fashion

A long time ago, men shaved using sharpened stone, clam shells and such. But as time passed and with the discovery of bronze, copper and iron, men begun to develop better shaving products. Though, of course, with the invention of shavers/razors, other products were also invented to ensure that men would have a great shaving experience. One of the things that were invented was the after shave. In the time of the Roman empire, barbers would use a therapeutic plaster to soothe the skin after a shave. This therapeutic plaster was made of a spider web soaked in oil and vinegar (oil to moisturize the skin while vinegar was for killing the bacteria).

After Shave Malaysia – The Last Step of Shaving

Today’s after shave products are definitely way better than what men had to endure back in the day. The modern version of after shaves contain antiseptic agents (such as denatured alcohol or witch hazel) to prevent the infection of cuts and also to reduce skin irritation. Some after shaves may contain fragrance (or essential oils) to enhance scent.

When using after shave that contains alcohol, there will usually be an immediate burning sensation that lasts (mostly) for a few seconds (though there have been times when the sensation can last for several minutes). While you may think that this is a good reason for you to skip the after shave, we think it is a bad idea for you to skip this step. Here are some reasons why after shave is important:

For healing
Even to the best and most experienced of men, there will be times when there is a slip of the hand and then you will end up with a cut/nick on your face. What after shave would do is help with blood clothing and ensures that your facial skin will heal faster when that happens.
Keeping your pores free from bacteria
When you shave, there is a chance that there are bad bacteria on the razor blade that will go into your pores and cause skin infection, acne and stuff like that. What after shave would do is clear out your pores of any bacteria as well as seal your pores to prevent any bacteria or dirt from entering.
Soothing to your skin
After shaves are known to have astringent qualities. And this is important as it will help soothe any irritable skin. Also, after shaves that contain witch hazel are great as the ingredient is known for treating bug bites, rashes and so on.
Smoothing out your skin
Some after shaves (like gel or balm types) are known to have moisturizing capabilities. These after shaves would help seal in your skin’s natural moisture to create a smoother look.

    For that Masculine, Chiseled Look

    Look manly and smell great with these after shave products that we have to offer above. For other products to help make your shaving experience better, make sure you have a look at other Shaving Supplies. After all, looking polished and well-groomed doesn’t end with only your clothes.