With a single Sharpie permanent marker, you will be more than amazed to realize your creative thoughts. Now, it's time to unleash your imagination like never before. Read more about Sharpie Malaysia below to find out.


Creative Sharpie Crafts that You Never Expect in Malaysia

If you assume that the permanent markers are only for doodling, labelling boxes and other packages, you have overlooked the huge potential of permanent markers. In fact, you are making a huge mistake because the permanent markers are also destined for something even bigger. For those who have been using them for a huge variety of task, they refer to Sharpie permanent markers lovingly as all-around versatile tools in their possession.

Needless to say, they have proven to be invaluable since they are great for use on almost any surface such as plastic, wood, paper, leather or fabric. The best thing of all? They are able to leave the permanent marks on even the most hard-to-mark surfaces without much trouble at all. From a simple doodle to a serious artwork, the Sharpie permanent markers give you a lot of freedom and flexibility to channel your creativity. Thanks to Sharpie, you will be very surprised when you allow your artistic flair to work. Hence, this is a simple guide that will guide you to a number of awesome crafts that you can do with Sharpie permanent markers.

Sharpie on the Lamp

If you take any lamp shade (even the most uninspiring lamp shade design) and give it a new touch with your Sharpie permanent marker, it is incredible that simple act like this can offer a new life to the design of the lamp shade. Moreover, you can always add some paint to enhance its look as well. As a matter of fact, you should take this time to visit some nearby thrift stores for inexpensive lamps so that you can have more exciting and cheaper experience to experiment with them.

Besides, it is definitely a lovely session that will push the boundaries of your imagination. As if it is not enough, there are lots of inspirations that come from seemingly everywhere when you are thinking about how to decorate with Sharpie. For a start, you can always write inspirational quotes, love letters or witty phrases on the lamp. Not only that, you can even start to test your cursive writing skill that transforms your lamp into a unique masterpiece. These lovely scripts will be the start of something new in your life. Impressively, it can get exciting when you are full of creative ideas to craft something whimsical on these lamps.

In addition, you can even achieve another impressive result with just a white Sharpie permanent marker. All you need to do is to get a basic colored lamp and let your imagination run wild. Basically, you can just doodle on the lamp base. If you are feeling artsy, you can always do something more delicate and creative such as intricate doodles. Besides, the white Sharpie permanent market is an amazing tool that you can use to put your sketches in the limelight. From the simple spirals to interlocking flower or paisley patterns, you can draw them in a more sophisticated manner. Moreover, there are simply lots of different styles which you can add to your lamp. In the end, you will be satisfied with how they turn out.

Beautify Your Packaging

When it comes to wrapping presents or other gifts, the plain packaging definitely does not give out a great impression. In fact, you might wonder why you actually bother spending a lot of time and effort into wrapping with care and attention in the first place. However, this is another better way that can transform your experience entirely since you can use your Sharpie permanent markers to redefine your packaging.

Starting with your wrapping paper, you just need to get your Sharpie marker (preferably the metallic one) and do your own doodle on it. Even if you are drawing random intersecting lines with your ruler and Sharpie marker, the result will blow your mind away because you do not expect that it can turn out great. Indeed, your wrapping paper is now a true masterpiece that makes your gift to look more gorgeous.

Aside from wrapping paper, you can also try on the gift boxes (the plain ones are the best) as well. Not only that, you should try on other boxes like storage boxes and others. In other words, the possibilities are endless. Amazingly, you can do the same thing on your plain Ziploc bags. With just a little artwork on the Ziploc bags, it will add more to the meaning of taking these bags to the next level. Now, you do not have to worry about using the plain Ziploc bags when you can design them to fit your preference. Furthermore, you can turn these unique designs into your special gift pouches.

Personalize Your Items

As if it is not enough, there is a lot of room for creativity when you put your doodling skill in other things such as Christmas ornaments, decorative items, denim shorts, fashion accessories, sneakers and even pillows. With the Sharpie permanent markers, you now have the chance to make them uniquely yours by injecting your creative flavor on them. In other words, you are actually personalizing your items in a more effective and cheaper manner. Besides, these personalized items add more meaning whenever you are using or displaying them. The best thing of all? You are able to make something that the market does not have. Not only that, your personalized gifts in the form of customized wrapping paper, gift or box are actually more meaningful gifts that you can give to others.

Sharpen Your Creativity with Sharpie Permanent Markers

Widely available in a huge spectrum of colors from the simple pastel to the metallic, the Sharpie permanent markers are the perfect tool that enables you to unleash your creativity effortlessly. In addition, they literally sharpen your creative mind by creating more possibilities for you to create fun and exciting stuff. For more Sharpie products, you should take a look at Sharpie stationery.