Sharp is a household name in the world of consumer electronics. They offer audio-visual products such as home theater and disc recorders; home office devices such as calculators and telephones; home appliances like refrigerators and air purifiers; and electronics for office and commercial use. If you are in the market for one, check out the latest Sharp products. You can also learn more about Sharp Malaysia's many different product lines by reading the article below.


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Sharp Z2 RM 423.00 Shopee
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Sharp R613CST RM 186.99 Shopee
Sharp SJD186MSL RM 519.00 Shopee
Sharp SJ286MSS RM 1,007.99 Shopee
Sharp LC32LE180M RM 517.79 Shopee
Sharp FUA80EW RM 489.00 Lazada
Sharp SJ366MSS RM 1,130.00 LazMall by Lazada
Sharp SJF95VMSS RM 3,979.00 Lazada
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Sharp Z2

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News about Sharp

As we get ready for 2018 to arrive, it is time to start afresh and look towards improving our lives. Instead of setting new year resolutions that are more often than not unachieved by the end of the year, why not upgrade your home with innovative products from Sharp instead?

As we get ready for 2018 to arrive, it is time to start afresh and look towards improving our lives. Instead of setting new year resolutions that are more often than not unachieved by the end of the year, why not upgrade your home with innovative products from Sharp instead?

6 Sharp Malaysia Product Lines You Should Know About

In today's digital era, we are virtually surrounded by cutting-edge technology wherever we go, such as TVs, ovens, refrigerators, smartphones, and much more! At the same time, there is a myriad of manufacturers that offer these electronics, with Sharp Malaysia as one of the leading companies in the market. Sharp Malaysia has built a solid reputation globally for its innovation and product quality. From televisions to air conditioners to washing machines, Sharp Malaysia makes sure that you are in touch with the latest and finest technology in the comfort of your home. Here are some of their remarkable product ranges.


Sharp Malaysia is best known for its line of LED TVs. They also have 4K units that offer up-to-the-minute smart technology in a range of sizes to fit your room and entertainment needs. The models are equipped with Sharp Malaysia’s cutting-edge technology that delivers immersive visual display and crystal-clear clarity, making them excellent options for you to enjoy your favorite shows, games, and streaming content. The 4K display brings you unmatched visual quality with immersive sound, making them must-have additions to your home system. The 4K models are available with screens from 43” to 75” so that you can choose one that suits your space best.

Besides 4K TVs, Sharp Malaysia also offers Full HD televisions. Their Full HD displays enable you to view even the smallest detail with clarity. With Smart TV, Roku TV, and Feature TV models to choose from, you will be able to find a Full-HD Sharp TV that allows you to access all your favorite shows easily. Sharp Malaysia also has Full-HD models that are available from 32” to 65”.

Microwave Ovens

Another product that Sharp Malaysia is known for is its countertop microwave ovens. They have proudly sold more than 130 million microwave ovens globally since 1962. The microwave ovens manufactured by Sharp are well-loved since they can complement the interior design of your kitchen. They are also designed in a way that they do not take up excessive space unnecessarily. They also offer hassle-free cooking which means you can whip up quick dishes easily. Whether you are a college student living alone or you have a big family, Sharp Malaysia has a microwave oven to suit your needs.

Air Purifiers

The air we breathe in today consists of unseen contaminants such as dust, smoke, and bacteria, which might be detrimental to our health in the long run. Thankfully, we can breathe easier and live healthier with Sharp air purifiers. They combine patented Plasmacluster Ion Technology with True HEPA filtration to remove pollutants in the air, resulting in a healthier and fresher environment in your home. Sharp Malaysia air purifiers reduce germs and odor in the air. At the same time, they get rid of perspiration, cigarette smoke, and cooking smells in carpets, drapery, and furniture. They also minimize the number of mold spores present in the air, lowering your chances of getting allergies.


Sharp Malaysia is also known for its line of refrigerators. Sharp refrigerators are equipped with energy-efficient technology so that they consume less power yet able to deliver a satisfactory performance. They can have 1 to 4 doors that separate their compartments. Moreover, Sharp Malaysia refrigerators are available in a wide range of capacities – the smallest models house 150-200 liters, while the biggest units have capacities of up to 800 liters.

Air Conditioners

People install air conditioning units in their homes to stay cool in hot weather. With Sharp air conditioners, they are powerful enough to beat the heat and are very easy to install. They come with a patented Plasmacluster Ion Technology that suppresses the activity of airborne microbes. Also, the J-Tech Inverter in these air conditioning units makes them more energy-efficient, allowing you to save money in the long run. Aside from that, they are powerful and provide long airflow to cool down larger spaces effortlessly.

Washing Machines

Sharp Malaysia also offers a wide selection washing machines for its consumers. Whether it's a full-auto or semi-auto unit, Sharp Malaysia washing machines are great appliances that will be a nice addition to your home. Plus, they enable you to wash your laundry without any worries. They are available in three capacities – 7.0L to 9.9L, 10.0 to 13.9L, and 14 to 16.9L; make sure to choose one that suits the needs of your family. In addition, they are equipped with a Dynamic Drive Inverter technology that minimizes tangles and makes your clothes cleaner.

Aside from Sharp Malaysia, check out other impressive brands of home appliances and electronics such as Toshiba, Samsung, and Panasonic.