Sometimes, no matter how hard you work out, you still have that unflattering flab around your torso and waist. For a temporary fix to this dilemma, you can always go for shapewear to tuck in those pesky flabs. Shapee Malaysia has some of the best shapewear for women, pregnant or not, that can help you achieve the figure that you want.

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How to Get the Figure You Desire with Shapee Malaysia

Founded in 2012, Shapee Malaysia has now become one of the leading shapewear brands in the country and beyond. The products from Shapee differ from other shapewear for women in the market today as they are made with innovative technology to help you achieve the perfect silhouette you’ve always wanted.

What sets Shapee apart from its competitors

The body shaper from Shapeeare made using the best innovations including the Japan 3D Micro Massage Technology that helps you shape your torso and waist area thoroughly and effectively. The Japan 3D Micro Massage Technology is then paired with the right designs to ensure that it can slim, smooth, and lift your figure without causing any pain or discomfort.

While most shapewear today is made of metal wirings or hard plastic to help shape your figure, Shapee products rely solely on the effectiveness of their technology. Also, other shapewear may just relocate the fats to other places in the body but with Shapee and its innovations, the fats will permanently be burned.

How the products from Shapee works

Because of its special designs and innovative technology, Shapee products can help you lose a little bit of weight around your torso and waist area. With the help of the Japan 3D Micro Massage Technology follows the natural movement of the body and retains the heat that the body generates. The heat helps in reducing cellulite and increasing the metabolism rate, resulting in a slimmer and smoother figure. You can see a difference in your figure as fast as 8 to 12 weeks if you wear the Shapee body shaper every day for a minimum of 5 hours. To see an even better result, balance it with exercise and a healthy diet.

When to wear Shapee products

You can wear the shapewear from Shapee Malaysia essentially anytime and anywhere. Although a lot of women would wear body shaper underneath their gowns and dresses, you can also wear the Shapee shapewear under your daily clothes, especially since Shapee products are proven to be able to help you trim a little bit of fats off your torso.

The body shaper from Shapee Malaysia is also recommended to be worn during workouts since you generate more body heat when you’re exercising. Doing cardio by itself is often not enough so by wearing the shapewear from Shapee Malaysia, you're able to optimize the results and see a difference much quicker.

Shapee Malaysia Shapewear Collections

Shapee offers a variety of shapewear catering to women with all kinds of body types and dilemmas.

Shapee Classic Shapewear

The classic Shapee shapewear is suitable for everyone; the products range from tights, waist shaper, leggings, arm shaper, full bodysuit, tank tops, and a posture brasserie. Not only do these body shapers help slim and sculpt the body, but they also help in improving your posture.

The most popular classic Shapee shapewear is the High Waist Body Shaper and the Long Arm Shaper. The former is a pair of high-waist tights that ends mid-thigh meant to be worn under pencil skirts or skin-tight dresses. It helps tone the stomach, lower back, hips, derriere, and thighs. The latter, however, helps trip down the biceps and triceps as well as the forearms. It also features a cut out for thumbs and is made with breathable, stretchable material for a comfortable wear.

Shapee Compression Wrap

The Shapee Compression Wrap is made for women who have just given birth to help restore their pre-pregnancy figures. The compression wrap is available in three variations: Belly Wrap Basic, Belly Wrap+, and Hips Wrap Plus+.

The Belly Wrap Basic and the Belly Wrap Plus+ compress the torso and eliminate extra flabs that you gained during the pregnancy. They can be worn as soon as you’re healthy enough after the delivery and it doesn’t restrict your movement at all. On the other hand, the Hips Wrap Plus+ compresses the hips to keep the area narrow after delivery while giving extra support for the pelvis, pelvic floor, lower abdomen, and lower back.

Shapee Maternity Wear

Last but not least is the Shapee maternity wear that all pregnant women can wear during their terms and after delivery. It includes the Maternity Briefs and the Nursing Bra although the latter is the more popular product. The Shapee Nursing Bra is targeted towards nursing ladies, equipped with hooks and straps for adjustability as well as removable foam cups. It has an easy-to-remove nursing clip so whenever you need to breastfeed your little ones, you don’t need to take the whole bra off. It also has 360 degrees bust support to prevent the breasts from sagging while keeping the chest area comfortable throughout the day.