This coming summer, be right on point for style by updating your wardrobe essentials with bright colors, electric prints and modern silhouettes from Shanghai Tang. It is an international, premier lifestyle brand that designs apparel based on the Chinese fashion style from the 1920 and 1930s, featuring products from ready-to-wear, bespoke tailoring, fashion accessories to home and decor.

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Melding tradition with modern times

Jintao Hu once exclaimed, "The Chinese culture belongs not only to the Chinese but also to the whole world." That's what the founder of Shanghai Tang intends to do, to showcase the Chinese culture to the world through fashion. Shanghai Tang, once a brand marketed to the westerners, is getting popular among the Chinese buyers.

Founded by David Tang in 1994 in Hong Kong, Shanghai Tang is an international clothing company that started off as a custom-tailoring business and it soon expanded to ready-made garments. The idea in mind was to revive Chinese Fashion of the 1920s and 1930s, with the fundamental design of the apparel that was inspired by the 1920s Cheongsam infused with the modern style of the 21st century.

Today, Shanghai Tang has over 43 outlets around the world, including Bangkok, Beijing, Honolulu, London, Miami, New York, Las Vegas, Madrid, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Macau. Shanghai Tang's stores are often located in well-known areas such as Bangkok's Sukhumvit Road, and Shanghai's Xintiandi.

Fashionable Chinese legacy

Shanghai Tang was once a brand choice for Westerners who frequently traveled to China to purchase high-quality Chinese goods. Now, Shanghai Tang has expanded its customer base tremendously, collecting their fan base among the high-income Chinese women as the brand promotes itself as “Fashionable Chinese Legacy", a brand that is able to create a clear and definite brand that is “unashamedly Chinese”.

Shanghai Tang's summer styles

Sunny days are fast approaching and leave it to Shanghai Tang to bring this year's summer collection into a full new colorful styles such as dynamic prints, swimwear, and contemporary silhouettes. This collection is inspired by the Tyrrhenian Sea, capturing the beauty of the incredible island of Capri, which tells us the magical tale of a couple on a luxurious and urban escape through the lucid colors.

Featuring brilliant shades of turquoise blue, deep red, vermilion, magnolia yellow, alongside earthy neutrals in sophisticated cuts and silhouettes, the simple outfits makes for an ideal summer getaway, from the silky blouses, knee-length wrap dresses to colorful, slim cut suits. One spectacular print that is featured in this collection is the glitter butterflies, embellish against a blue and dark purple background featuring a rainbow range of colors and shapes. It injects a fancy touch to the rather elegant pieces.

Not to forget Chinese roots, Shanghai Tang collaborates with native designers such as Ma and Wang to maintain the Asian accents in their apparels such as the mandarin collar, buttons that are usually found in typical Cheongsams by replicating on blouses as well as the traditional knot buttons, giving Shanghai Tang’s customers a fresh take on heritage times for an urban wardrobe.

Interesting Facts about Shanghai Tang

Since its launch in 1994, Shanghai Tang has established itself as an international, high-living lifestyle brand from China. While it is famously known for infusing traditional style with modern innovation in its designs, here are some interesting facts that will surely turn your head around whenever you come across a Shanghai Tang’s store.

  • The CEO behind the luxury Chinese brand is a Frenchman, Raphael Le Masne Clermont. While the CEO is French, the rest of the company is made of Chinese nationals, giving a beautiful mix that leads to the success of Shanghai Tang as one of the largest luxury brands in the market.

  • The costume for the 2010 American Film “Shanghai” was sponsored by Shanghai Tang starred by Gong Li, John Cusack, Ken Watanabe and Chow Yun-Fat.

  • The first Shanghai store was opened in Hong Kong and were selling products such as the Chairman Mao watches and the multicolored 1930s Shanghai style clothes.

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