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Shaklee Malaysia : The Shaklee Effect

Established in 1956, Shaklee is dedicated in improving the lives of people through taking little steps that lead to results that everyone wants to achieve: A fulfilling life. It is Shaklee's ultimate goal in changing people's lives from mere ordinary to amazing ones. What is passion without pursuit? What is life without health? Shaklee believes that it has the unique opportunity of transforming lives through promoting and cultivating the values of leading a healthier life. Remember about taking the little steps that lead to a bigger result? This method is what Shaklee calls as the Shaklee effect. The Shaklee effect is all about taking a million steps every day in changing your entire life and the world around you. The Shaklee effect is not an marketing gimmick or just feel good phrase as it is a proven method that transforms millions of lives.

The Shaklee Difference

In 1915, Forrest C. Shaklee founded the Shaklee's Vitalized Minerals, the world's first food supplement. There were several things that led Forrest into creating such life enhancing products. One of them is Forrest's observation that drugs often mask the symptom without curing the disease itself. Not only that, Forrest also observed that poor nutrition could be a cause of disease when he saw many of his patients were often undernourished despite being overfed. Eventually, Forrest and his two sons founded Shaklee in 1956 and the rest was history. Boasting global presence around the world, Shaklee is being recognised as one of the leading brand in providing nutritional supplement. Shaklee is the sign of phenomenal success when it has successfully led many lives to be empowered with simple truth about health. In what is known as the Shaklee Difference, it is all about building products that allow people to have the chance of regaining control of their lives and choose to prevent rather than merely cure.

Taking Shaklee Steps Of Changing Your Life

Similar to Shaklee effect that promotes healthier life, Shaklee actually adopts its own version of Shaklee effect style methods in perfecting its products. The Shaklee products are all about purity, potency and performance. Enhancing life through authentic and potent ingredients, Shaklee formulates powerful nutritional products that can enhance your life. In order to achieve this, these products actually enrich and nourish your body with the essential minerals and nutrients. In our daily lives, we have been so busy with our own work that we often neglect the importance of eating healthy food that provides vitamins and minerals to our bodies. Containing more nutrients than usual, Shaklee products are easily some of the most comprehensive supplement packages that you can find in the market.

  • Purity - Shaklee products use high quality ingredients that are screened and tested stringently. In fact, Shaklee adopts a stricter process of screening that surpasses even the pharmaceutical standards United States Pharmacopeia or USP. In other words, you will find that Shaklee boasts some of the highest purity standards in the nutrition industry. Such efforts are seen to be important in making sure that all of Shaklee products to be 100% safe to be used and consumed. Besides, Shaklee deliberately takes further measures in performing stricter tests on its suppliers and the materials that they bring. Committed in ensuring that its products do not contain any genetically modified soy protein, artificial flavours, sweeteners, colours, and added preservatives, Shaklee wants you to have the best nutrients available - in their pure form.
  • Potency - After spending countless hours and months of researching every scientific literature available, Shaklee also conducts its own experiments to test and verify each potential of the ingredients before begin to produce its own products and sell them. In addition, Shaklee's own unique nutrition formula are exclusive as it utilises its own studies and researches in making unique combinations of scientifically proven materials that can enhance life and prevent other diseases from occurring in the first place. This means that you will not find such effective nutrition formula in other brands.
  • Performance - Shaklee products are developed with the emphasis on releasing nutrients effectively so that your body can absorb effortlessly. Not only that, no nutrient will be wasted as your body can absorb all of the nutrients without any significant loss; a problem that affects most nutrition supplement products. As even the healthiest of us have toxins in our bodies that need to be purged, Shaklee products also boast the capability to eliminate any hidden toxin lurking within.

Superb Shaklee Malaysia Products That Will Transform Your Life

Every year, Shaklee actually conducts more than 100,000 tests alone just to make sure that its products are safe for consumption while being effective in what they do at the same time. Incorporated the latest scientific findings in its own special nutrition formula, Shaklee products are efficient when it comes to delivering the essential nutrients for your body. Based on the simple concepts of purity, potency and performance, Shaklee offers its products in shaping your life aside from strengthening your body. Shaklee products will transform you in many ways that you do not think is possible as these products will influence you not only at the physical level, but also at emotional level as well. Remember, the healthy mind is just as important as having healthy body. These are the top Shaklee products among its customers:

  • Shaklee Life Plan
  • Shaklee Life Energizing Shake
  • Shaklee Life-Strip
  • Vivix Liquigels
  • Shaklee Liver Protector

Leading A Healthier Life With Shaklee Malaysia

Thanks to Shaklee, you are now given the chance to lead a healthier life and enjoy your life to the fullest. Shaklee wants you to look forward towards tomorrow as life is still full of wonderful possibilities. Live long and prosper as you have the means to transform not only yourself, but also those around you as well. Possessing some of the best food supplements in the market, you should take a look at the wide range of Shaklee food supplements.

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