Road safety can spell the difference between life and death, most especially to individuals who hit the road with a vehicle. Since a seat belt is basically useless for motorcycles, the drivers' safety greatly relies on helmets. SVG is one of the biggest manufacturers of motorcycle helmets in the world and is the most trust. Get your helmets from the best and uphold the best form of road safety as you drive. Read more about this brand here!


SGV Malaysia

SGV is a subsidiary of Solidgold Helmets Sdn Bhd, a manufacturer of motorcyclist helmets for over 30 years now. SGV helmets manufacture helmets for the local market while at the same time they also export their helmet to the international market and it takes on a different brand name. Basically, SGV is an OEM that provides for some international brands that are known in the motorcyclist helmet industry.

SVG Helmets: Award Winning Brand

This brand has been awarded the ISO 9001: 2008 certification for upholding Quality Management in the production of industrial safety and motorcyclist helmets. SGV is also the first in the brand in Malaysia that manufactured motorcyclist helmets for children. The brand is geared towards providing Quality, Safety, and Style with their continuous investment in improving their manufacturing facilities and their overall manpower and resources.

SVG Helmets

SVG helmets is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of motorcyclist helmets that exports these products to internationally known brands. With that being said, it means that they basically make all types of helmets designed for different environments, uses, and users. Below are the most common types of helmets that they make:

Full Face Helmets

This type of helmet is also popularly called as a “sports bike helmet.” This type of helmet provides a full protection for the face and the entire head as it is designed to have the best coverage. This helmet offers the best protection and could keep the heads structural integrity intact in cases of vehicular accidents. The edge of this helmet over the rest of the helmets is plain and simple: it's more protective. When compared to helmets like open face helmets, half face helmets and modular helmets,

Full face helmets have two part, one piece is for the complete coverage, while the other piece which is the outer shell of the helmet is meant to retain the integrity of the head and neck.

Modular Helmets

This type of helmet plays between full face and open face helmets. This type of helmets is popular among individuals who bike around and do long range biking marathon or touring as a hobby. This type of helmet is very convenient for that kind of activity because its chin bar on the front part of the helmet can be lifted open giving easy access for bikers to hydrate or feed themselves during a quick stop.

Though slightly heavier and may make some unnecessary noise, modular helmets offer a balance between functionality and protection. It doesn’t offer as much protection as the full face helmet, but its easy-to -open chin bar provides an added convenience which could somehow compensate for the protection that it lacks.

Dual Sports Helmets

Sporting a full face lid that’s crafted to withstand the rigorous conditions of the off-road, the dual sports helmet is created to provide robust head protection for off-road bikers. This type of helmet’s most notable feature is the inclusion of a pronounced peak and expanded face shield. The peak’s purpose is to

deflect stones, dirt, and other debris that will just go flying around the place in off-road paths, while the expanded face shield and eye port, on the other hand, allows the user to strap on a pair of google if they want to.

Half Helmets

For riders who just want to have little between open air and a good amount of head protection, a half helmet is the type of choice. There’s really nothing much to talk about half helmets because it’s just a basic helmet that only covers the head, and it comes with a chin protector or buckle.

Half helmets are popular among cruisers, who uses scooters as a mode of transport. This population who uses scooters are common in urban communities and are considered as casual bike users.

Open Face Helmets

This is the standard motorcycle helmet that comes in almost all standard motorcycles. Aside from that, this type of helmet is such a rage nowadays because of the style and design that it comes with. It’s the lightest helmet of them all, and it doesn’t come with too many features that call for many unnecessary accessories dangling on the helmet. It’s basically a stylistic and comfortable choice rather than protective. It’s not the type that will give a full protection, but it’s the lightest, cheapest, and easiest one available for the average motorcycle users.

Safety is paramount in everything that we do especially when it comes to driving. Owning a helmet is common sense if you own a motorcycle, because unlike cars, the risk of injury that comes with driving a motorcycle is a couple of times greater. So, might as well put on your most protective driving gears before you hit the road, including a helmet, rather than being sorry. As they say, prevention is better than cure

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